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10 Best Tricks to use Google’s New Allow Chat App

Google has been evolving its chat apps ever since it launched GTalk in 2005.

Three years after the launch of Hangout, Google has now released its latest chat app, Allo which is supposedly much more than a chat app.


An effective app which not only functions releasing the prime needs of current users but is also built with several innovative features to quickly learn about the users; help them plan, find information and allow them to be more expressive in chats.

It is available for both Android and IOS users.

Tips to use Allo –

  1. Share videos in a jiffy

tips-to-use-google-allow-google-assistantYes, its a long long process to a share a video – you have to wait till it gets downloaded or you have to press the link and copy paste it. Tedious enough?

Allo helps you share videos in a jiffy with a quick process. Just type @google in any chat and the company’s inbuilt AI assistant will appear in the text box, select it and then ask the videos you wish to see.

2. Choose your chat

Allo has four types of chat –




Google Assistant

We all know the basic individual and group chats but what special Allo offers is the Incognito and Google Assistant chats.

3. Go Incognito

Incognito chats once toggled promise safe and encrypted chats. Now your secret chat stays completely secret. Ever heard you can keep chat expiration for a particular chat with a person? Here, Allo allows you to do so. With incognito chat you can set the expiration in terms of seconds minutes and hours. If you have set expiration for 1 minute the chat disappears or automatically gets deleted after 1 minute when the opposite person reads your

4. Google Assistant

Theres nothing better than an assistant, demand and get the work done. Even if its to book a hotel or flight tickets, you are just a chat away with your very own Allo google assistant.

Special edition to it is that you not just chat directly with the Google Assistant but can also involve others into the chats. Simply type @google and the AI will be at your call.

5. Set Reminders

Allo can also set reminders and alarms for you. Just ask your Google Assistant in the app to set the alarm.

6. Save Time and Energy

Allo makes it easier for you by showing suggestion replies for new texts in the notification box.

7. Gaming Partner

You can also play games in Allo. The most interesting is the chat game, you can simply select the game type and AI will play that game with you.

8. Expressive Emoticon

Tired of typing? With Allo’s cool and expressive emoticons for almost everything make chatting go easier for you.

9. Group Chat

Every other chat app has this feature with the basic options to delete, add people, or mute the chat of a particular group. but whats interesting about group chat in Allo is that you can set a new avatar of the group from multiple options.

10. Fix Your Text Size

Text size can also help convey the message. Allo gives users liberty to change the text size in a chat on the fly. Just slide the send up or down to increase or decrease the text size in a message.

The more you explore this app, the more you will love using it. Google has reached out to the prime needs of the users giving them such easy access and great perks through Allo.

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