10 Cool New Futuristic Gadgets You Can Own Now

The wearable gadgets are the electronic devices that display your style, taste and even your personality. The emerging landscape of wearable technology includes Virtual reality headsets, Pedometers, Activity trackers, Smartwatches which promises to change the way we communicate and exercise. In this article, we showcase some amazing wearable gadgets that everyone love to wear because of their unbelievable functions.

10 Cool Futuristic Gadgets You Should Know


Ditto Wearable Gadget

futuristic Ditto-wearable-gadget

It is a wearable gadget that was created by Simple Matters and over 2,002 backers pledged $129,500 on Kickstarter to help bring this project to life. The company has launched this device to keep people connected but frees from having the phone all the times. This device alerts you via vibration each time your phone receives an important message. It’s design was made in California and was assembled in China. The device is made of plastic and is wearable and waterproof. It is compatible with Android Bluetooth Smart Ready phones ( Android version 4.4+ ) and iOS devices ( iOS 7+ ). The device is available in three colors – Black, White, Clear.


Fin Wearable Gadget


Fin is a wearable gadget created by RHL Vision Technology. It is tiny wearable ring with gesture recognition sensor that you can wear on your thumb as a ring. It will make your fingers, palm as Numeric keypad and Gesture space. Fin can be connected to different gadgets like Smart TVs, Automobiles, Home automation devices and Smartphones. It will look fashionable when you will wear in your thumb and also it is durable, dust proof and water proof. The device is available in three colors – Red, Blue, White.



It is a smart BackPack with lots of functions to support your gadgets on the go. The bag comes in 3 versions – Power BackPack, WIFI Version and Professional. All the three versions power banks to keep you free from run out of power, 4 Waterproof USB ports, iOS/Android controller apps, GPS enabling system including SIM card, Bluetooth Audio System. Also, there is an “Anti-Theft Notification/Protection System” for the bag’s security. You can push Alarm button when you see someone is stealing your bag. For more details about the versions of this wearable bag, visit their official website iBackPack.

Neptune Suit


Neptune Suit is a wearable gadget created by Neptune Co. which is going to be launch in February 2016 and will contain a pocket screen, the Hub that’s worn on the wrist, earbuds, a tablet with a detachable keyboard, and a dongle for streaming. You no longer need to sync between devices with Neptune Suit, as you are using the same computing hub on different screens sizes. The hub will come in three sizes – S, M, L

Odin Laser Projection Mouse


Odin Aurora invented the world’s first Laser Projection Mouse to give you a whole new experience with Computer and Mouse. Basically, it’s a mouse that uses projected laser rather than traditional hardware and projects a trackpad onto it that you can manipulate with your own fingers to control the computer. The mouse has specifications 4cmx5cm and projects trackpad in the area 8cmx8cm. The mouse’s body is available in three colors – Black, Green, and Silver.



It is an electronic wallet that protects your from wallet to be theft. You don’t have to worry about the loss of your wallet because when you wallet will sound when you phone or iWallet will go far ( more than 10-15 feet ). It will warn you of pick poker’s foiled attempt or you if you misplace you wallet anywhere. The wallet has Biometric Fingerprint Lock and RFID Scanning protection. The wallet comes in three different versions – iWallet Classic Carbon Fibre, iWallet Slim Carbon Fibre and The iPassport.

Nike Hyperdunk+

futuristic gadgets Nike Hyperdunk+


It is a wearable electronic shoe created by Nike. Nike Hyperdunk shoes allow you to monitor your speed, jump height and overall performance of your basketball game. The sensors on the shoes transmit your performance information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also record video of your play and also you can share your video & stats on social media.

Nike+ Fuel Band

futuristic gadget nike-fuel-band

It is a wearable wristband created by Nike that tracks your performance of your daily exercise and the calories that burnt during your exercise. While doing any activity, the LED will light up and let you know your progress. You can also view detailed progress, set your goals and unlock achievements motivated. The band has a smartphone connectivity and will show you your performance on your smartphone.

Rusty’s Wired Series

Rusty's Wired Series

Now you don’t have to worry about tangled earphones that keep up space in your pocket. Rust has come up with a hoody jacket with earphones fitted at the ends of elastic strings of the hood. There is a jack to plug in, in one of the sides of the pockets where you can plug you music device in. The very important feature of this wearable gadget is that earphones are waterproof and washable.

USB Cufflinks


These cufflinks give a professional look to an already clean and formal look. These cufflinks are n size and have 2 GB storage. These cufflinks related today’s technology with the formal look of men. The cufflinks are also available in gold and gunmetal color and also you buy other design of USB Cufflinks on their official website Cufflinks

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