10 Futuristic Technologies That Will Change The Way We Live

Technology has become a part of our life. With the surge of internet of things, smart gadgets and various new startups, technology is slowly changing our lives. We can expect technology to take over our lives completely in the not so distant future. We recently brought you 7 futuristic technologies that will change the way we commute and today, we will tell you 10 futuristic technologies that will change way we live.

1. Telepathy


While telepathy might seem like a far-fetched idea, it is already in the works at various companies. Scientists have already starting working on a way to create “brain interfaces” along with the ability to create software commands out of brain waves. So, some day we might finally be able to use telepathy in a meaningful way.

2. Lenses with Supervision

Bionic Lenses

A Canadian scientist Dr. Garth Webb claims to have created a Bionic lens, which brings superhuman vision to anyone using it. According to him, these lenses will give us vision, which is three times 20/20. According to Webb, “If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet away.” These lenses are still undergoing trials and according to the company, they will be available for general use in a couple of years. Well, Superman has every right to be jealous. You can have more details about it here.

3. Affectiva

Ever thought of knowing what the other person is thinking? Well, Affectiva is poised to make that dream a reality. The Boston based startup reads people’s facial expressions to know what might be going on the person’s head. Affectiva has the ability to gauge the response of a person t a digital content. This might have great applications in the future.

4. Tyto

Tyto is a unique handheld device that allows you to perform various physical examinations anywhere, anytime. The device also let you diagnose a patient remotely. So, no need to visit a doctor for minor issues. The device is personalised and should be pretty easy to use. Check out the video below for more details on Tyto Care.

5. Alfred

Have you ever wanted a buttler similar to Alfred from the Batman comicbooks and movies? Well, this is what sums up the concept of the aptly named startup “Alfred”. The New York based startup is a personal life management app and service. For $99 a month, you will get your own client manager that will help you with your laundries, groceries, dry cleaning, tailoring and more.

6. ZUta Mini Mobile Printer

The ZUta mobile printer or the mini mobile robotic printer, as the folks at ZUta labs like to call it is a very cool portable printer that can print what you want on the go. The ZUta mini printer can print on any paper size and it can print documents right from your smartphone. Check out the video below to see it in action. Read our review of Zuta Printer.

7. SCiO

The SCiO device is a small device that fits in the palm of your hands. It is sensor, which automatically detects an object or the composition of an object. The device can detect plants, food, medicine and more. The device will easily tell you the calories in a food, or if the watermelon is sweet or not. Sounds cool, right? It’s pretty simple to use and it will have many applications.

8. DAQRI Smart Helmet

DAQRI has been a popular augmented reality developer and they have designed a really cool smart helmet. The Smart Helmet takes images from your smartphones or your tablet and turns them into interactive experiences. The helmet comes with custom software that allows Visual inertial navigation and object recognition.

9. Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is a company that grows various materials and food in their lab using tissue engineering and biofabrication. They develop leathers by taking simple biopsies from animals without doing them any harm. They are also developing food that are of great quality but require less input from what we use currently. Well, they are surely thinking of the future.

10. Mobile Charging from Sound

Smartphones are already an important part of our lives and in the future, we can expect them to be even more important to us. Keeping that in mind, the ability to charge your phone via sound should be useful right. Scientists in London have successfully created a prototype that would harness sound energy to electrical energy, which would result in charging the phone. Well, take a look at the details here.


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