10 tips to boost your android phone battery life

Our android devices are our personal assistants we use then for lots of things like for chatting, for making calls, for clicking photographs and for many other things. We spend a large part of our time on these devices and thus it becomes must for every one of us to manage the battery well so that we can use it when we require it the most. In this article, we will give you 10 tips to boost your android phone battery life and to make it last for a long time.


  • Check what is consuming battery the most: Before proceeding further for any of the steps you need to check that what exactly is taking out the battery on your device. Go to settings>battery You will find a list of software and hardware which are consuming battery. Here if you see an application or feature you hardly use you can turn off the feature and can uninstall the application.
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  • Reduce number of applications which gets refresh automatically: There are many applications on your phone such as email Facebook, twitter etc. which keeps refreshing time to time. You can extend your battery life by disabling background app refresh. You can enable only the application which you use very often or if you critically require battery you can turn it off for all the applications.
  • Turn off unused hardware: Our smartphones are loaded with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and many other such hardware components. To save more on battery you should keep them turned off because all this hardware consumes battery and there are lots of applications which use them in the background which again results in the fast battery drainage.
    reduce battery drain android
  • Avoid using live wallpaper and unnecessary widgets: Live wallpaper contributes a lot in consuming battery on your smartphone. Some live wallpaper includes weather date and other details because of them these applications keep refreshing all the times. Same thing goes with the widgets animated fancy widgets on the home screen looks very cool but they also require application to be refreshed in the background.
    avid unnecessary widgets in android
  • Avoid using automatic brightness: If you use automatic brightness on your phone then it can also be a reason for the battery draining very fast. When you are turning on automatic brightness you are practically turning on the light sensor and another part is that if you are not it the dark your phone’s brightness will be adjusted to the higher levels to give you a better display even when it is not that much required.
    automatic brightness in android
  • Adjust network Modes as per requirements: You might have noticed that there are different network modes on our smartphones such as “WCDMA”, “GSM”, “GSM-WCDMA Auto” if you do not use mobile data and depend on Wi-Fi for the internet you can lock your network on GSM it will help in saving battery. If you will keep your smartphone on GSM-WCDMA auto mode, your battery will drain fast because device will keep switching among the two/three bands and that consumes the power.
    adjust bandwidth in android
  • Update your apps and Firmware: Updates are being released time to time for the applications and the operating system. These updates claim to fix bugs in the applications so it is always recommended to keep an updated version of firmware and all the applications because the bugs they fix in their updates are sometimes responsible for the fast battery drainage. You should keep automatic updates turned on for the applications and still you should check manually for the updates of firmware and applications because some applications require special permission to get updated.update android firmware
  • Check and shorten up the list of applications running in background: There are many applications which runs in the background without your knowledge. You can check the list of such applications in Settings>Applications. If you require your phones battery for a longer period, you should keep looking for the applications which are exploiting battery and should manually stop them if they are not being used. These applications not only responsible for the battery drainage but they also consume your mobile data.check battery draining apps
  • User power saver mode: If your phone has an inbuilt power saver mode then it is nothing like it because the way it can optimize the usage of your battery you cannot do by your own. If you are in a situation that you will not get a chance to charge your device for longer time, then you should turn on power saver mode on your device and it will do the rest.
    power saver mode battery andrioid
  • Turn off key press feedback: And the another most important tip to save the battery life is to turn off key press feedback. Key press feedback is the vibration or sound which comes when you type something or press soft keys. Turning it off will also help you to save the battery life.



These were 10 tips to boost your android phone’s battery life without using an external power bank or charging source you can go for these tips when you require battery for a longer time or in your daily routine because no matter how many features are there on your smartphone. At the end, you will require battery to use them all.

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