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5 Apps to Learn and Practice Yoga at Home

As we know that Yoga is an ancient art of stretching and breathing and that does not mean that it’s adherents have not embraced the wonders of today’s technology. There are a lot of Yoga apps available in the apps stores of Android and iOS that provide audio and visual guides to a variety of Yoga poses that are useful for everything from everyday exercise and stretching. You can practise your favourite Yoga poses anytime and anywhere and you just need a Yoga mat or a pair of sticky Yoga socks and a few minutes of time to start yoga at home.

5 Apps to Learn and Practice Yoga

There are dozens of apps available in the play stores of Android and iOS, but here we will discuss some best Yoga apps to keep you ready anytime and anywhere for Yoga. Studio


It is a Yoga app, available for both Android and iOS with over 7,000,000 fans worldwide. This app provides over 300 Yoga poses and breathing exercises, HD video demonstrations for all poses, 3D muscle images for every pose. It also includes 45 predefined yoga programs with HD video instructions and also allows you to customise any program or you can create your own.

Available on – iOS | Android

Daily Yoga


This app is also available for both Android and iOS users with over 1000,0000 worldwide fans. It offers more than 50 Yoga programs and Yoga sessions, and more than 500 Yoga poses with HD videos. It is also good app for beginners as there are seven Yoga plans available for beginners. You can also select the Yoga duration of your choice from available durations ( 5/10/15/20/30/45/ min ).

Available on iOS | Android

Pocket Yoga


This app is another best app for Yoga lovers and also available on both Android and iOS app stores. In this app, you can choose from 27 different sessions of varying durations and difficulty and also contains detailed explanations of correct alignment, pose and benefits. This app provides detailed voice and visual instruction guides and over 200 illustrated pose images that shows correct alignment and posture.

Available on iOS | Android

Universal Breathing – Pranayama Free

Universal Breathing - Pranayama Free

Universal Breathing Yoga app was actually engineered to teach your body how to breathe properly. This app is available for both Android ans iOS users. This app was created by app developers, designers and doctors to provide the best breathing experience to app users. in this app, both dial and body animations, and custom courses that allow you up to 5 back-to-back breathing ratios.

Available on iOS | Android

Kids Yogaverse – I Am Love

Kids Yogaverse

This app is highly recommended by the US surgeon as a healthy app choice and this is award winning app because it was the first iPad app developed to teach Yoga to kids around the world. This app incorporates 13 yoga poses for children demonstrated by children. There are three additional features available in the app – “Animated Poses”, “Breath Affirmations”, and “Guess What?”

Available on iOS | Android

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