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5 Best Camera Apps for Android

In today’s generation smartphones are increasingly becoming our primary cameras. From capturing scenic beauties to taking selfies, they have become a common norm. Some smartphones are even offering professional camera qualities. But sometimes, the default camera app is just not enough. You need something more to give your photos a unique touch. Thankfully there are dozens of good camera apps out there.

5 best android apps to retouch photos

Here are top five camera apps which we think are best for you:

Google Camera

We start off our list with a simple to use minimalistic camera app. It already comes pre-install in nexus devices, but you can download it for free on any android smart phone. The interface is really simple: You have the viewing area and camera shutter to capture the image. It’s really simple to use. You have tap to focus, Grid view, HDR support, and five different camera modes such as Photosphere, Panorama, Blur lens, Standard, and video. It also has android wear support, this means you can control the app remotely.

It does not have lots of filters or any post editing functionality. But, if you are looking for capturing that split-second moment this is for you.





VSCO Cam follows a philosophy which is just the opposite of Google Camera app. This app is not for everyone. It takes a little effort to get acquainted with all that VSCO has to offer. In and effort to keep the interface simple while providing a lot of features, VSCO has an interface which is devoid of any description elements. You will have to poke around a little bit to get used to this app.

But, once you get the hang of it, you will find things to be simple. It has one of the best post photo editing tools with numerous new filters. It combines the camera with editing and sharing option. It’s a little bit like Instagram but focuses more on the editing part rather than sharing. It will cost you a little bit on the Play store, but it is worth it!

Camera360 Ultimate

I bet you saw this one coming! This is one of the hugely popular apps on the Google Play Store, and rightly so. It is a well-designed app which is capable of doing pretty much anything. It uses a lens filter system, that means you can apply the filters live while taking the photo. You can apply a variety of filters and special effects and use special shooting modes, just for that perfect capture. It also has a Selfie Camera mode for taking the best selfies you can.
It has a user-friendly interface with all the major controls on the same screen, so you don’t have to switch between screens just to toggle a different setting. The best part is that it is totally free.


Camu is an app that get the balance between features and simplicity right. It’s interface is very fast and intuitive. You simply have to swipe left and right to use different filters. This app also allows you to use live filters. One special feature of this app is that it lets you create collages on the spot. You can add text or various filters just by using a simple swiping action.

If you want to have a simple and fast photography experience with enough features to make your photos look really good, give Camu a try.


YouCam Perfect

This one is for you selfie lovers out there. It offers a suite of editing tools to give you just the right selfie for that Instagram post. It offers several features including six levels of beautification mode, skin tone improver, instant beautifier and many more. You can adjust you skin tone, remove those irritating pimples, reshape and resize and look thinner just by using a few touches. It is the best selfie camera you will ever need.




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