5 Cool Chrome Extensions for Better YouTube Experience

The most popular video streaming platform, YouTube, is undoubtedly loaded with some pretty cool features. But what if you aren’t getting the most out of it? If you’re someone like me who loves using YouTube mostly on the Google Chrome browser then you also must be aware of the thousands of chrome extensions available. Yes, there are YouTube Chrome extensions that are aimed at making your experience even better. They enhance the functionality of YouTube, supercharge your experience, let your productive side show up and make the playback experience great.

So, let me pour some knowledge on the 5 best YouTube Chrome extensions that you should be using.


This is an all-in-one Youtube Chrome extension consisting of dozens of handy features. Some of the prominent features include its ability to control volume with mouse scroller, preview video along with ratings, take video screenshots, enable day/ night mode, take it to a cinema mode, control buffer and several themes. This extension also lets you bypass the country restrictions.

Magic Actions - Youtube chrome Extensions

Magic Actions add a button in the address bar which gets visible only when you open the YouTube website. Click on the extension button and then go to “Options” and configure all the features. Each feature has its own set of advantages so you are able to totally customize your experience.


Magic Actions offers you a cinema mode feature, where the background gets dim and your video is put to focus. But this is fairly limited. “Turn Off the Lights” Youtube chrome extension offers you a theater mode feature offering loads of customization possibilities. You gain a complete control over the opacity of the faded background and also automate the process if desired. You can also change the color of the background that fades to any color of your liking. This way you aren’t limited to the “Black: fade color.

Turn Off the Lights - Youtube chrome extension

The other features include night mode for a relaxed browsing experience, screensaver, camera motion detection, password protection, voice commands and more. And to your surprise, these features work on all the web pages and not just YouTube.


If you are that “GIF please” kind of a person then you would surely like this one. With “GIFit!“, easily make GIFs out of the YouTube videos you want & also share them with friends and family. Despite the fact that YouTube already lets you create GIFs but I feel that’s a bit complicated. It also lacks that easy-to-customize possibility.

GIFit! youtube extension

Try GIFit! if you desire creating GIFs even out of those exclusive YouTube videos. Just click on the “GIFit” button present in the bottom bar of YouTube player and get started. This extension lets you set the start and end timer of a GIF and also adjust its frame rate, height, width, and quality.

When you feel you are done, just click on the red GIFit! button to easily create and download the GIF. Simple!


Ratings Preview, as the name suggests, displays the rating of all the YouTube videos under the video thumbnail as a bar. Here, the extension offers more customization opportunities & additional features, unlike others. You can modify the thickness of bar, its color, and the opacity to suit your taste. To your surprise, It also offers a built-in RP score system using different algorithms to determine how useful a video is and gives them a rating on the scale of 0-10.

Ratings Preview youtube extension

Moreover, Ratings Preview also highlights videos with the highest rating on a page. This offers quick skimming through the list for finding the best ones.


This is a pretty cool YouTube Chrome extension. It automatically pauses your video when you leave the particular tab & resumes the video when you come back to the tab. This way if you tend to miss out on your videos because of shuffling between different tab, Smart Pause is the perfect tool to ensure you never miss that out.

SmartPause youtube extension

If you know of any other cool extension for YouTube then comment below and share with the world!

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