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5 Essential Apps For “New Parents” to Feel “Baby-Safe”

I feel so happy writing this post today. It was in the morning that I got to about my nephew being born. A baby certainly brings with it endless bundles of joy but definitely a few things to worry about too. Some “New Parents” look up to advice from the elders but the rest rely on technology to ease their tensions. Gadgets like the baby monitors, shushers, and sensors indeed come handy, but what you exactly need is some more critical and reliable information that too at the right times.

5 Essential Apps For "New Parents" to Feel "Baby-Safe"

To receive the most thoughtful info, you must be able to tell apart the reliable medical advice from those elderly tales. So why not put your omnipresent smartphone lying in the pocket to some better usage? Let me put it this way, simply continue reading and shed off the heavy lifting of daily baby work with the help of your smartphone. Familiarize yourself (all new parents) with these mobile applications & websites and just relax. And of course, my newly born nephew gets me to aware people about this topic.

1. What to Expect Baby : Essential Guide for Baby Care

This is an application available for both Android & iOS along with being a web site. And it probably solves an essential question of every expectant parent –What To Expect When You’re Expecting. So after the delivery, What to Expect Baby is all that you need.

What to Expect Baby : Essential Guide for Baby Care

It tells you everything about the first year of a baby’s development. The simple of this app makes it special. The information is divided according to the age (in weeks or months) of your baby. And almost all the topics are covered relating to feeding, health, development, and even the basics like playtime or baby gear. Here you will be able to find the required information very quickly. And speed is a crucial element in such situations, right? You can also track your baby’s sleeping cycle, feeding, diaper changes and much more with its built-in tools.

Get it here — What To Expect Baby for Android (Free) and for iOS (Free)

2. Bundoo : Advice Only from the Experts

New parents will surely like Bundoo. It is not any random online platform where anyone can easily share parenting advice without any reliability. And I sternly believe that just because something worked out with someone else doesn’t mean it will work with every baby. You need credibility, honesty and an “Expert”.

Bundoo : Advice Only from the Experts

Why I emphasize on “expert” is because Bundoo has articles & advice from real-time doctors ensuring the authenticity. Under all the articles, you will find the author’s name & qualifications, and you can even verify those according to your wish. This way, you are guaranteed of receiving information that is legitimate and only by medical professionals, not random people on the web.

Bundoo is a web based page consisting of an in-house panel of medical experts who constantly keep providing advice. With their “Ask a Doctor” facility, you can post forward the queries for the pediatricians, health specialists, and OB or GYNs.

Check it hereBundoo for the web

3. WebMD Baby : Track Sleep, Feeds, Diaper Changes & Growth

WebMD is an iOS and Android based application. It is known to be amongst the most trustworthy sources of the medically approved knowledge available over the web. Of course, your personal observations are a must and as new parents, you are obligated to monitor your baby’s health but WebMD is a convenient mobile app that easily keeps a track of the data that any doctor is bound to ask you.

WebMD Baby : Track Sleep, Feeds, Diaper Changes & Growth

WebMD Baby has five significant elements that you can track – feeding (both solids & bottles), nursing (relating to breastfeeding), sleep cycles (time & the location), diaper changes (wet v/s dry) and the baby’s growth (height, weight & circumference). You will easily be able to answer every question by retaining such an updated information.

You can also access an extensive database of knowledge by WebMD. It gives you 400+ articles, 70+ videos along with 600+ physician approved tips. What more does anyone else want! It is a must-have app for all the new parents. And WebMD works great even if you don’t install other apps.

Get it here — WebMD Baby for Android (Free) and for iOS (Free)

4. Parenting Science : Evidence – Backed Parenting Tips

Statements like “this is how it has been,” “this is how everyone else does,” “this is has been done for generations,”are comments which are shared as “evidence” for doing something in certain ways. But, keep in mind that such things aren’t scientific. And if you are amongst those who crave for solid confirmations before taking any step for your kids, then Parenting Science is just for you!

Parenting Science : Evidence-Backed Parenting Tips

Founder of the Parenting Science website, Dr. Gwen Dewar, an anthropologist, addresses everything with a skeptic’s intention. She believes in looking for hard evidence or something with reasons of scientific backing.

Gwen writes,

“I question practices that are justified merely because they are traditional. I listen to my instincts, but I also check these instincts against what we are learning about the brain, child development, and the flexibility of the human species.”

You will become a religious follower of this website if scientific approach towards parenting is more of your way. Though the app isn’t updated that frequently, yet its vast repository has a plenty of articles on the most popular or relatable subjects.

Check it hereParenting Science for the web

5. Couple : For Parents to Coordinate

Couple is a web based site along with being an Android and iOS mobile application. This app makes life easier for both your partner & you yourself. Install this simplistic app which is basically made to involve two people, so that you two can easily coordinate with each other and provide best care for your little kid.

Couple : For Parents to Coordinate

It has an instant messaging service along with the ability to send photographs & videos to each other. Other useful bits are calendar and the to-do list. This list is also shareable with the two. One of the members can add whatever they want and the other member can easily pick it up. Add details like the doctors’ appointments and any other important dates to your shared calendar. Couple actually creates a kind of private social network between both the parents. It is a one-stop-shop to manage all that you need.

Get it here — Couple for Android (Free) and for iOS (Free)

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