5 essential iPhone tricks that every apple owner should know

If you are an iPhone user, then there are lots of things you must know about it. You might be missing some features on your iPhone which you can enjoy on other smartphones. If you think that your iPhone is lacking on some features, then you may be wrong because more you will explore you iPhone more you will know it. Here in this article we will discuss 5 such tips and tricks which every iPhone user must know and which will make use of iPhone easy and productive.

Using camera at its best:

You iPhone camera is loaded with some amazing features. You may be missing zoom function but it is there, when camera is on you can use pinch zoom to zoom in images. If you are clicking a selfie with timer and burst short looks annoying, then you can turn it off by setting HDR On instead of Auto. If you are shooting an action you should use burst mode by pressing and holding the shutter button. Another camera tip which you should know that if you have captured a slow-motion video on your iPhone you can shift or remove the slow-motion effect later using edit option. If you are shooting in low light or if you want to shoot a lighting object, then simply tap on it. This will lock focus and by sliding up and down you can adjust light.

iphone camera tricks

Do you know all the Gestures?

If you are somewhere in the middle of your photo gallery and you want to navigate to the top or bottom, then there is no button but if you will tap on the top most right part of the screen or at the bottom right part. If you have opened a photo in the gallery or an image in the ongoing conversation, then you can minimize and got back to the conversation by sliding down. Not only this you might have missed backspace in your calculator app but actually it is not missing you can give a backspace by sliding left. On the lock screen, you can slide up to access quick buttons and to access music app.

Secure your device with the best security:

If you are using iPhone 5s or newer you can secure your device with your finger print which is the way secure then a passcode or a pattern. However, you can also secure your device using a passcode but finger print is the most secure way to keep you stuff safe. Some applications also allow you to set finger print authentication. If you want to secure your device from your Kids or if you just want to limit access to your device, then you can use guided access. If you forget password for any of your accounts and it is saved on you iPhone, then you can view saved passwords by going to Settings>Safari>Passwords. After authorizing with your touch id, you will be able to see your saved passwords.

iphone finger print tricks

File transfer and recovering deleted files:

File transfer is comparatively simple on iPhone they support third party transfer apps such as Share it. In built Air drop is also a great way of sharing files. You can even get songs and videos from your friends using share it or any other third party apps these apps are way faster as they work on Wi-Fi. File sharing among apple devices is very easy because of iCloud you can share your files with your family or friends anywhere in the world using iCloud. If you have accidently deleted some photos, then here is how to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone. Simply go to Recently Deleted photos folder and recover your deleted files from there till few days of deletion.

iphone recently deleted photos


Use smart features of email:

iOS 10 is loaded with many inbuilt email features you can easily get rid of unwanted emails by taping unsubscribe. There are many other hidden features in the email app. You can quickly add hand signatures to the attached emails and send them. If you are composing a message you can quickly save it to draft by sliding down and then resume it by taping compose button.

iphone email tips and tricks

So, these were some tips and tricks which you can use on your iPhone to get the best out of it. After knowing these tips, you may find that your iPhone is having all the features which you believed that it is lacking.


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