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5 features of the iPad Pro that will give you goosebumps

The Apple iPad Pro has been in the rumor mill for what seems like an eternity now and well, it’s finally here. Apple has unveiled the beastly iPad Pro and it is a power packed device that seems to take on Apple’s very own Macbook Air. Apple has packed in a lot of new stuff for the mega iPad and well, they have grabbed our attention.

Apple iPad Pro

While there are many cool features, here are 5 new features that will make you want the iPad Pro:

1. The Retina Display

Apple iPad Pro 1

This is the biggest iPad of them all and the “Pro” tag is an implication of that. The iPad Pro features a huge 12.9-inch and it has a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, that is 5.6 million pixels on the display. It’s important to note that this is the biggest display on an iOS device. Now, that’s more pixels than what you get on a 15-inch Macbook Pro with a Retina display. We are accustomed to great displays in all Apple products and the iPad Pro should be no different. In fact, that pixel dense display sure makes us want to get one and just drool.

2. Power Packed Performance

Apple iPad Pro 2 The Apple iPad Pro is no slouch when it comes to the performance. It’s the most advanced iPad to date and that’s pretty obvious. The huge tablet is powered by the new Apple A9x processor, which the Cupertino giant claims is 1.8 times faster than the A8x. At the announcement, the company also commented that the iPad Pro chipset is faster than 90% of portable PCs launched last year. Those are bold claims but we are pretty sure that the iPad Pro will have some great performance. Apple iPad Pro 3 That’s not all, the iPad Pro has twice the graphics processing power from the iPad Air 2. The new iPad has four speakers and the audio quality changes on how you hold the device. Apple promises a good 10 hour battery life with the device.

3. iOS 9 goodness

Apple iPad Pro 4 The iPad Pro will ship with the latest and greatest iOS 9 and the developers at Apple have designed some features to especially cater to the iPad Pro. The most important feature to note here that iPad Pro will have the ability to run apps in split screen mode, that is side by side, which should make things a lot more productive.

4. Smart Keyboard

Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Apple has also launched some cool accessories to with the power packed iPad Pro, one of them is the new Smart Keyboard. the Smart Keyboard is an external keyboard, which attaches to the new iPad with the new magnetic smart conductor. The keyboard is very similar to the Surface keyboard, as it works as both the keyboard and the cover. The full blown keyboard features fabric keys for better feedback. All in all, the new keyboard should up the productivity on the iPad Pro by a good measure.


5. The new “Pencil”

Apple iPad Pro Pencil

We would have never thought of Apple announcing its very own stylus, thanks to Steve Jobs being against that. Well, Apple has launched a stylus, which they like to call a “Pencil”. The Pencil features a metallic design and works similar to the Samsung’s S Pen. You can draw on documents, email and almost anything. Apple has also partnered with Microsoft to optimise its Office apps to work better with the Pencil.

Apple iPad Pro Pencil 2

So, these are the features and the new accessories we loved from the new Apple iPad Pro. What about you? Did you like the iPad Pro and are you getting one?

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