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5 Reasons To Buy Oppo F1

The OPPO corporations basically a manufacture of electronics and is based in China. This corporation is mostly known for their smartphones. Apart from manufacturing smartphones, it is also involved in making LCD-TVs, MP3 players and many other electronic products. Oppo was founded in the year 2004. The latest smartphone Oppo F1 was recently launched on the month of January 2016. There are many reasons to buy this smartphone. The first and the foremost feature which is heading in today’s generation is the camera and the selfies. It is available at the nearest electronic store or even you can buy it online. This smartphone comes at a very reasonable rate and is possible for all the people to buy this amazing smartphone with is featured with so many qualities. Hence, there are various reasons to buy this smartphone.
oppo f1 selfie expert

oppo f1 selfie expert

oppo f1 selfie expert

oppo f1 selfie expert

Here comes 5 reasons that will convince you to buy the Oppo F1 smartphone:

Perfect Front Camera

The perfect camera for clicking selfies with a very clear picture of yours. The front camera is featured with 8 megapixel and gives you a perfect picture with full clearance. This is one of the main feature which is quite popular in today’s generation. Hence, Oppo F1 featured the front camera with 8 megapixels, making it more interesting to take selfies.

Great Display

The display screen of this smartphone is very crystal clear. The display is of 5 inches wide. Hence, it makes it easy to handle and catch up the phone on the hands. The 5 inch phone easily allows you to fit inside the pocket of your jeans and is not very much wide nor very much small.

Huge storage

The storage capacity of this smartphone is 16GB and hence allows you to keep all the stuffs on your phone, without even worrying about getting the phone full at any moment. Add some movies, music, pictures or even videos on your phone as it is having huge capacity to store many different kinds of stuff. You are even free to download many games on this smartphone and enjoy the storage capacity which this phone provides. Hence, no more deleting of files and folders when trying to download a new thing.

Rear Camera

The rear camera of this phone is featured with 13 megapixel. This makes the user easy to capture pictures and take videos. The pictures clicked comes in very high quality and each and every pixel of the picture is very clear even if the picture is zoomed in. This is applicable even for the videos. The videos captured are very good when it comes to this smartphone.

Amazing battery capacity

Every person wants a smartphone in which the battery is very good because this is the only feature which everyone wants in their smartphone to be perfect. The battery capacity of Oppo F1 is almost around 2500mAh. This makes the battery to stay long the whole day even if it is charged just once. This is the most important feature that is featured in every smartphone of Oppo brand.

The resolution of Oppo F1 is 720×1280 pixels. Hence, making the user to see the display very clearly. The RAM is about 3 GB and hence the smartphone is very fast. With the launch of this smartphone, many people are on the verge on buying this newly launched phone. Its demand is increasing day by day because of its features and popularity. Apart from these mentioned features, this smartphone is filled with many other specifications and features. The Oppo brand is increasing its market in India at a very fast and huge pace and hence giving competition to rest of the smartphones. So, hurry up and go and catch this smartphone before the stock gets over.

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