5 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Google OnHub Router

Our WiFi routers are very precious to us due to the fact that they keep us connected to the internet world all the time but they also give us a great deal of hassle at times. Well, we expected to someone to sort things out in the router department and Google it is! Google has just unveiled its very own smart router dubbed the Google OnHub.

Google OnHub router

Google OnHub has been designed to give you a hassle free, steady and secure WiFi connection. It brings a lot of intuitive features that mostly all the conventional routers lack. The router has been developed by Google in partnership with TP-LINK and it looks pretty stylish too. So, we already love it and want one and here are five reasons you’ll love it and want one too:

1. Stylish looks

The OnHub router features a jar like design, which can be placed anywhere in your household, thanks to its looks which should blend well. Google has used internal antennas and useful lighting instead of cords, which do make the device more elegant.

2. Fastest connections

So, you must be wondering how the OnHub router will speed up your WiFi connection. Well, the device features a unique antenna design along with some algorithms that scan the airwaves for the best possible connection available. The smart algorithms implemented in the router makes sure you get the peak network speeds.

3. Ability to prioritize device’s usage

The router also has the ability to prioritize a particular device to get the highest speeds from the connection. This should be useful if you are streaming something from one of your devices. You can prioritize that device, so you don’t get any interruptions with your favorite show while it’s streaming.

4. Google On app

Google On app

Google has also launched the Google On app on iOS and Android, which will bring you the data from the OnHub router. It will let you check your network status, the bandwidth you have used, share your WiFi password, check for issues and more.

5. Support for smart devices

The Google OnHub router also comes with support for smart devices, which are based on the Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave or 802.15.4 technology. So, it does sound like a privacy concern, considering Google will get even more info on our personal lives than it does already. Google should be able to more bring more personalized ads once it has more information. Anyways, that’s a topic for a different day.

So, that’s all folks. The OnHub router is certainly the most advanced router to date and we can’t wait for it to arrive in India. The device will be currently sold in the U.S and Canada $199.99 through online retailers. Google has also announced that it plans more such routers and we can look forward to one later this year in partnership with Asus. Well, we hope the Asus one is more affordable and it arrives in more countries.

Anyways, if you are in the U.S and Canada, you can pre-order the device here.

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