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5 Tech Innovations That Would Make Life Safe & Sustainable

5 Tech Innovations That Would Make Life Safe & Sustainable

Without wasting any time let me take you through the list of those tech innovations that appeared in the year 2016. These are amongst those inventions that you just shouldn’t miss! These inventions are amongst those which would definitely make our lives more comfortable, safer, more sustainable and provide better living standards. So here we go!


Growth - An Origami Based Plant Pot that Grows With Your Plant

Growth – An Origami Based Plant Pot that Grows With Your Plant

GROWTH, a plant pot designed by the London based Ayaskan Studios is something that you would just not want to miss. So what’s so special about growth? This basically is an origami geometry based plant pot that starts to transform as your plant starts growing. It means that with time your pot too starts growing with the plant. Amazing, isn’t it?

Growth has a gorgeous design along with an adaptive functioning. It’s actually the best solution for cutting out any waste caused with traditional planting. Plus all the efforts required while planting from seed to roots to the main greenery lessen with growth. It even makes life much safer lessening the wastage that standard methods create.

According to the Ayaskan Studios,

The life cycle of a plant is a transformation, from an early seed to its full grown size; the blooming of a flower, the unfolding of a leaf, the branching of the roots. This process is what GROWTH aims to capture within a plant pot.


This is all about a smart lock that senses when your smartphone is near and hence gets locked/ unlocked with the help of its specially designed application. And believe me, it is a great invention!

Color Variants of Sesame The Smart Latch

Color Variants of Sesame The Smart Latch

This smart lock called Sesame allows you to unlock your doors using the smartphone as a key. Sesame is easy to install, no screwing, no hassled replacements but just simple fitting onto any latch in the world. Its mobile application is intuitive and easy to use. The app not only lets you know about the security of your house but it also records about who enters & leaves the house in your absence.

SESAME: The Smart Lock for Every Latch

SESAME: The Smart Lock for Every Latch

Sesame can be controlled through smart gestures, it can make use of Wi-Fi and also communicate (for access points) through Bluetooth. And no worries, Sesame has a military grade encryption so no one hacks the device!


By the means of two wireless ear buds operating along with a smartphone application, the “Here” active listening device enables you to instantly control the real world audio so you hear what you want to! Therefore no matter what the situation is you can fully immerse in the magical environment of your favorite audio tracks.

HERE: Active Listening Ear Buds

HERE: Active Listening Ear Buds

Here does not stream or play any of the recorded music. Rather it acts as a studio in your ears instead of having the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) inside. By using Here you get an optimal listening experience each time. Here provides you with a volume knob, an equalizer, present filters, automatic Bluetooth pairing, sustainable battery life, a completely wireless system along with effects to transform the real world audio.

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Water is life, but an estimated 663 million people worldwide do not even have access to clean & safe drinking water. In fact, they don’t even know what safe drinking water is! And around 3.4 million people die each year due to water borne diseases. This happens because the filtration process is difficult along with being expensive. Hence “The Drinkable Book” is a special ­tool, a treatment or rather I should say, a solution for providing that safe filtered water along with informative texts.

The Drinkable Book - A book that purifies the water & makes it drinkable

The Drinkable Book – A book that purifies the water & makes it drinkable

The drinkable book teaches you about safe drinking habits and it intelligently makes use of a technology that’s beyond our thinking. It consists of a technologically advanced filtered paper that’s capable of filtering & killing water borne infections. The tech behind this book is the real hero. It contains papers that actually purifies the water and makes it drinkable. What could be more affordable and sustainable?

The Drinkable Book - This is how it works !

The Drinkable Book – This is how it works !

A team of scientists studied and invented a revolutionizing book, the pages of which double as water filters. These assure of killing over 99.9% of harmful bacteria (during the trials) in South Africa, Bangladesh, and Ghana. It is something that the world needs, something that our rural population needs!


Just attach the ACPAD panel to your guitar and play hundreds of samples, instruments, effects and loops. ACPAD is world’s first wireless MIDI controller for the acoustic guitars.

ACPAD - Innovations creating an electronic orchestra

An electronic orchestra for your acoustic guitar – ACPAD 

Here is a Quick Start Guide for your electronic orchestra. It’s colored LEDs near the ACPAD logo displays the battery level indications. It either shows a “White” LED which means Fully Charged i.e. 100% charged battery. Or it displays a “Blue” LED which means Intermediate Charge Level. Whereas the “Red” LED means a Low Charge level. Wireless playing time is of about 15 hours or depending up on your usage. The blue LED keeps glowing from 10% to 99% battery level. This means you can easily keep playing. The red light level means you have only about 15 minutes of the wireless playing time. And this is when you need to plug in your ACPAD device via the USB and charge. ACPAD consist of 8x Touch Pads, 2x Looper Channels, 10x Preset Buttons along with 2x Slider Faders. It supports thousands of instrumental sounds, unlimited effects, and several custom sounds. ACPAD also includes Loop Channels and Wireless Connectivity. And you can do this without even taking your hand off the guitar!

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