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6 Uses of Smart Phones You Never Knew

There’s a reason why mobile phones are now being called as Smart Phones. It is really an excellent little device that is capable of doing smart and astonishing stuff. Smart Phones are an amalgamation of several different devices which has completely transformed our lives. The more you keep utilizing a Smart Phones the more you come to know about its features. Yet, there are certain elements that you might still not know about a Smart Phones. Therefore, we list below 5 Uses of Smart Phones you never knew because your device can perform much more than what you think.

Uses of smart phones you didn't knew


Using a dual monitor setup is increasingly becoming popular as it advances your productivity and makes your workspace organized across different screens. Space is a beautiful thing hence, as an ideal choice people prefer to use Smart Phones or tablets for the purpose. And with the help of certain applications like DUET you can easily convert your phone or PC into a secondary display.

Uses of smart phones you didn't knew_secondary display

Duet is basically an application allowing you to use your iDevices as an external display. Duet is compatible with all iPhones (iOS 7.0+), iPads (iOS 7.0+desktops) and desktops (OS X 10.9+ or Windows 7+).


Latest Smart Phones offer an integrated heart rate monitoring system allowing you to measure your heart rate with the help of pulse, workout and more such tests. Mobile apps like Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor make the job even better. It not only monitor’s your heart rate but also helps you to positively transform your body, prepare your weekly training plans and provide you with HD quality exercising videos along with the nutritional guide.

Uses of smart phones you didn't knew_heart rate monitoring


You can definitely control your lights by replacing the standard lights or switches at home with their smart versions. Just sync the smart lights / switches with your Smart Phones, and turn your lights on or off according to your convenience or in the case of urgency.

Without any difficulty schedule, trigger, gradually dim, brighten up, change the colour of your lights, switch off when you left a LED switched on while leaving for work and perform other such functions with the help of your Smartphone.


Smart Phone applications like Smart Measure Pro and Dot Measure Pro are those nifty ones that measure the height and distance of an object with the help of your camera lens. There also are apps which can check the dimensions of a room, the distance across your yard, the speed of moving objects and many such things.

Uses of smart phones you didn't knew_speed test


A mobile application like CamScanner allows you to take a picture of the document or receipt of your choice from the camera of your Smart Phone. This photo is then instantly converted into a high-quality PDF or a JPG/ JPEG format file.

This on the go scanning feature of a Smart Phone saves a lot of time, money and efforts without any chaotic experience of a bulky office scanner. There also are features that enhance your scanned images or adjust itself in low light conditions or even convert the documents having light printing or are handwritten.


Connect your Smart Phone to a Bluetooth / WiFi / OTG or USB Cable and turn in into a gamepad. You can easily install the Ultimate Control Receiver program on your PC, Mac or Linux and select it from the list displayed on your Smart Phone. It provides you with a real button emulation. Just press several buttons with your thumb as you would do with a regular controller and enjoy. This app turns your Smart Phone into a multitouch joystick.

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