$99 Tablets coming this Holiday season, says Intel CEO

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich predicted back in July that we will see Tablets priced under $150 this holiday season and now he has cut $50 off that as he spoke to analysts on Tuesday.

Intel CEO

Krzanich spoke to analysts after Intel’s quarterly earnings release on Tuesday where he said that he expects Tablets to come at the $99 price tag, he also expects $299 Laptops featuring Intel’s new Haswell chipsets and $349 two-in -one hybrids of Tablets and Laptops.

The low priced Tablets are not same what they used to be a few years ago as Amazon had taken the Tablet world by storm with its $199 priced Kindle Fire and then Google followed with its Nexus 7 Tablet. So Intel would not want to miss out on the low priced Tablet market segment. Intel recently touted its new Bay Trail processors, the latest addition to the Atom microprocessor family which has been designed in mind with budget Tablets.

So we’ll have to wait and watch to see if there are any $99 Tablets featuring Intel’s bay Trail processors although we are starting to see some new Tablets featuring the new Intel chipset although its not priced at $99.


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