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Add GPS Navigation To Your Bike with SmartHalo

Imagine if Google Maps could load up on your urbane and classy bike? Well, the imagination personifies itself into this very device we are talking about.

And are pretty excited that it is just the very thing in your bucket list if you are a tech freak. Or a cyclist. Or both.

Smartness is a virtue inherent in almost every single device that enters the market these days. Gone are the days when a cycle was a cycle. The digital age of cycling has now finally begun. It is no more a mere commuting arrangement. Enter the ultra-futuristic navigator of the modern era : SmartHalo.

Before we begin our dissection, two words : It’s more than smart and craftier than what you might expect. Yet extremely simple to use.


halo bike gadget



The concept on the table is simple. A navigation system that sticks on your bike so that you never get lost in a city. Throw in some add-ons like weather updates and if you can extend it to the call feature it is an achievement: That’s the story of all the competitors on the arcade.

It is actually developed by people who are bike enthusiasts so we can expect a little more. It comes fitted with low energy LEDs, crypto-authentication, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer and some sense,

You can leave it outside. Yeah outside. Yes without protection. And yes that is the USP : A military-grade lock system can latch safely onto any kind of bike.

Designing Grace

It has been named as there is a circular Halo that is surely going to be one of the most prominent icons of trademarks if this becomes a success. Of all the navigators available in the market, if we were to judge on the elegance of design, this is sheer genius to say the least.



Did we mention the torch?



You don’t need to be a cryptographer to work this device out. Simple to use, this could be learned to navigate your way, even if you are a fifth grader. There is no start or stop function. As soon as you approach the device with your mobile safely in your pocket, it gets activated and unlocks it with class.
This is something that other navigators in the market should learn: KISS philosophy.
#Keep it simple silly
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfbKndy0l6o]

Specification :

The specs are quite impressive. We take an overview of what to expect when we unwrap the package.

  • Front Light : 200 Lumens
  • Battery : 2000 mAh
  • UpTime with full-charge : 3 weeks
  • Size : 81 x 67 x 67 (mm)
  • Weight : 150 grams
  • Connection to Phone : BLE
  • Platforms : iPhone 4S and up, Android with 4.0 Bluetooth

Game changer?

With the nuisance of carrying it away with you when you park it gone, this is one of the pioneer devices if you are an avid cyclist.

Ahead of its time by quite a margin, it also beats others in terms of simplicity and endurance. It can handle the weather conditions like snow and rain being a no-challenge for it.
As it gets popular, the prices are bound to come down. Or at least we can expect so!


Expected Launch : MAY 2016 to the public

100 Super Early Bird Pledgers : September They might already be opening their packages.

The round of Kickstarter campaign is to end in 6 days and the goal was reached without any effort. That speaks for the product more than any featured article.

Official price : 149 USD in retail.

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