Add Upto Two Extra Screens to Your Laptop With Sliden’Joy

There have been a number of attempts to give extra screen real estate to laptops with double screen displays and extra panels. But either with some disadvantages or they aren’t easy to setup. The dual screen is especially popular among developers, designers, researchers, photographers and analysts who need a lot of extra screen space to work.

A Belgian startup has come up with an ingenious solution. Sliden’Joy is a lightweight add-on that can add one or two additional displays of either 13, 15 or 17 inch full HD displays to your laptop. It is going to save a lot of time switching between tabs.

slidenjoy double screen prototype

The design looks esthetic and sleek. The displays work like a magnet and attaches free standing to your laptop, and the great part is that you can rotate it to any direction up to 180 degrees. Panoramic displays will be a great fit for photographers and creative designers. People can share the screen for a round table view.

sliden'joy dual screen for laptop

The makers of Sliden’Joy have tried to make it easy to configure with a Single USB port to power and share screen, no additional cables required for power or display. The best part is that it will automatically start working and launch screens once it is plugged into USB. It works on both Windows and Mac. Sliden’Joy team is working on a touch-screen technology and Linux compatibility for the future versions.

slidenjoy dual display usage window move
Price starts at €199 (US$221) for the single screen addition and €299 (US$332) for two extra screens.Prices slightly differ based on the design finish. Sliden’Joy will be available in 3 different variants: Regular, Premium and Limited Edition.

The Regular version is made of high-quality plastic and available in multiple colors such as Yellow, green, red, blue, pink, turquoise, orange, black and white.

Premium version will be available in different finishes like aluminium, leather, dark wood, light wood, and Alcantara.

Limited Edition will be signed by the three founders and made in carbon finish and full grain leather.


Watch the demo video below:

Thomas, Charlee and Laurent – are the men behind this cool startup, and they’re hoping to start shipping SlienJoy by the end of the year, before Christmas.
Sliden’Joy is seeking funding through Kickstarter for €500,000. It has attracted a lot of interest on Kickstarter and is close to reaching their goal or would probably cross it by the time of publishing this article.

You can support them on Kickstarter here.

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