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Here’s All You Should Know About the New Apple TV

After 3 long years, Apple TV has received the much-needed attention from Apple. At the iPhone 6s event yesterday, the fourth gen Apple TV was finally unveiled and it surprised one and all with a number of amazing features.

apple tv fourth generation

While nothing much has changed in the appearance of the box on the outside, except a slightly taller box, there are some cool new features on the inside and new tvOS.

A new Touch Surface Remote

The new Box comes with a new lightweight glass touch surface remote and more simplified buttons; volume rocker, home, menu and a Siri button for voice search of programs schedules, more on that later. It has Bluetooth 4.0 support if you need to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and requires charging everything 3 months with the lightning port below the remote. It also has accelerometer and gyroscope for better gaming experience.

apple tv touch remote fourth generation

New UI and new tvOS

The new user interface is cooler and cleaner in terms of design and ease of navigation, there is now less clutter and confusion compared to the previous generation. The new Siri integration has also helped in navigating through the search function. The new tvOS focuses more on Apps, gaming and a more intuitive user experience. And there’s a new Apple TV app store which gives way to new world of cutting edge apps custom designed to make your TV experience feel even richer and greater. The new and improved Apple TV is powered by the A8 chip, which the company claims to offer better performance for graphic-rich gaming.

During the launch CEO Tim Cooks said:

TV plays a huge role in our lives… (But) the experience hasn’t changed that much in decades. It’s been standing still… The future of TV is apps”

Use Siri to search programs

Forget the old way of searching program, the fourth generation Apple TV remote comes with a Siri button, which lets you search program schedules with just your voice command. Siri can search content from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime. Simply ask Siri “Show me new episodes of New Girl with Prince in” and it will show you the magic. You can use the top touch panel to slide through the episode or you can ask Siri to “skip ahead 5 minutes”. If you missed a dialogue between the show, you can ask Siri “What did she say” and Siri will temporarily skip back 15 seconds and turn on the captions. That’s pretty cool, right?

siri search on apple tv

Or ask Siri to switch to a game while you are watching TV:

siri on apple tv gaming

Adding Siri on Apple TV is a smart move by Apple and it is more intuitive and convenient than the old painful process of keying in the text.

You can ask Siri about the weather, soccer match scores, and much more like you do with Siri on iPhone or iPad.

Price and availability

apple tv price and availability

The Fourth Generation Apple TV will be available in late October for $149 (32GB) version and $199 (64GB).


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