5 Amazing Inventions That Appeared This Year

The year 2016 has seen the emergence of several remarkable inventions that would definitely make life easier as well as more comfortable. These inventions in some cases also make life more enjoyable and sustainable. So I decided to pick a few from the most interesting ones. Hopefully, we live to see them perform major roles in our lives!

1. A Transparent Safety Truck

Every person might be aware of this simple yet heartbreaking fact that how traffic accidents kill thousands of people every year or fatally injure them. The visibility gets blocked by a heavy or clumsily driven vehicle. The narrow roads or even the wider ones become another reason for such accidents. So to curb this issue, the very popular Samsung (Argentina) and advertising agency Leo Burnett partnered on a creative solution. They created a system that transmits a video footage from the front of a truck to the four screens on its back. These screens make a larger square screen and are also called as the 4 rear outdoor monitors. This provides a clear view of what’s happening ahead to the driver behind that particular truck.

The Transparent Safety Truck by Samsung

The Transparent Safety Truck by Samsung

2. The Hoverboard Scooters

This self balancing scooter is partly a skateboard and is partly a Segway. Commonly its called as a hoverboard although it doesn’t hover! It’s actually the most viral product of this year! The device is eco friendly along with being low on maintenance. It is suitable for the urban living, runs on batteries and is also easy to navigate. Hoverboard scooters make use of electric gyroscopes, one being under each pad. And when someone hops on, it automatically balances, allowing the user to speed forward, backward or around. One can move just by slightly shifting the body weight towards the desirable side. It enables the person on it to perform all sorts of stunts, ranging from motorized dance routines to hallway races and so on.

The Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooters

The Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooters

3. A pan that teaches you to cook

How hot the pan should be? When should you stir? Is it done? Get the answers to all such questions ­with Pantelligent. This pan is intelligent, individually programmed, calibrated, tested, and it perfectly teaches you to cook. So cooking an unfamiliar dish will never be difficult.

An intelligent pan that teaches you to cook - Pantelligent

An intelligent pan that teaches you to cook – Pantelligent

On the inside, it contains a temperature sensor that intelligently talks with its specially designed smartphone app (for iPhone, iPad and Android). This app monitors the temperature. It lets you know when to stir or to add the ingredients. You can also know when to adjust the heat of your stove. And finally, it tells you when you are done! Such inventions not only make life easy but they also enliven the engagement in tasks like cooking.

Pantelligent - Smartphone App

Pantelligent – Smartphone App

Once you select a recipe from the application, it utilizes the Bluetooth along with its unique heat sensor to offer the real time instructions on your smartphone screen. The guidance happens through spoken notifications. This way you exactly know the preparation time, cooking time, when to flip/ stir the dish and when to adjust the stove. Pantelligent gives you fantastic results without any efforts!

4. An Ocean Cleanup System

There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic that currently litter our oceans and the number is just growing. This trash is not only a danger to the marine life but for the entire planet. Cleaning the ocean using those default & conventional methods that include vessels & nets would definitely take thousands of years. This removal process is both time consuming as well as costly. But instead, the ocean cleanup project brings about a passive system that can remove about half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just 10 years that too at a fractional cost. The 20 year old, who is the man behind this master plan, believes that big problems need big solutions. And The Ocean Project is one of those solutions to the bigger problems.

The Ocean Cleanup Project - An ocean cleanup system

The Ocean Cleanup Project – An ocean cleanup system

It basically proposes a 62 miles long (or 100 km) floating boom, at an estimated expense of around $15 million. This would make use of the natural currents to trap the ocean trash. The Ocean Cleanup Project drops their net roughly 10 ft (or 3 m) below the surface which is shallow enough for the fishes to swim around. And if the next year’s experiment achieve success, then a full cleanup operation will aim to start in the year 2020. According to some internal estimates, the project is capable of reducing the trash by 42% in over 10 years. This is actually the first solution, the size of which equates to the size of the real problem.

5. A chip that stops you to slouch

While working or while sitting idle, the moment you begin to lean or slouch, this little wearable (tech) device called the UpRightPose helps you stop that. You simply need to stick it to your back and as you start to lean, the device gently vibrates. There is absolutely no pain involved!

The chip which stops you to slouch - UpRight

The chip which stops you to slouch – UpRight

And it seriously is good for your health. There is a noticeable posture improvement along with relieving your back pain after a few sessions. It basically helps in training you to sit upright and correct the posture. Such inventions are definitely needed.

UpRightPose for Correcting Your Posture

UpRightPose for Correcting Your Posture

Simply put it on for 15 minutes every day, while at work or at home, and feel the difference. Make upright a part of your daily routine and naturally prepare yourself to not slouch.

UpRightPose - Mobile Application

UpRightPose – Mobile Application

You can even track your progress with its smartphone application & meet the daily goals through its personalized training program.

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