Amir Khan cost Snapdeal crores in sales and lakhs of app uninstalls


All of you may have seen Amir khan in the Snaldeal’s e-retailer ad on television. Amir is the brand ambassador of the e-commerce website Snapdeal.

After Amir Khan’s latest comment regarding “rising intolerance”, the people who disagree with Amir’s comment has now started an online attack and started uninstalling the Snapdeal app. On Monday night, Amir openly talked about the ongoing controversy over the issues of intolerance at an awards night. Amir has revealed his wife’s suggestions about to move out of India.

After Amir’s comments, some people have decided to try and hurt brand Amir rather than trying to malign. People started protesting against Amir’s views on social media to reveal that they are giving poor reviews the Snapdeal app on Google play store. Some people have been endorsing the removal of the app from the smartphones and a campaign against him called #AppWapsi and started giving one start review to the Snapdeal App on Google Play store.

You can see screenshots of the people protesting against Snapdeal and Amir.





And this is how the reviews page of the Snapdeal app looks on the Android app store. The app is receiving a flurry of one-star reviews with negative comments.


This is not the first time that an e-commerce brand in India has been bullied by one-star rating and uninstall campaigns. Recently, Flipkart had also gone through this situation, when the company joined Airtel zero program. Actually, the joining of Airtel Zero program for Flipkart was against the concept of net neutrality.

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