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App Of The Week #1 Android-iOS-Windows Phone

App Of The Week #1

Every week we’ll be bringing you one great app for your app appetite for the Top three platforms right now, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

App Of The Week – Android


focal_2 focal_1

Focal is a nice camera app with lots of features. Many of us know that Focal was part of the Cyanogen Mod team but it broke off with the company and is now available at the Play Store for free. The app is a must have if you have a stock Android device and it brings a lot of features such as Burst Mode, managing the Shutter Speed, enhancing the pictures etc.. There are a lot of swipe gestures as well here to control different settings and you can double tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. Focal is a great camera app to try out.

App Of The Week – iOS

Opera Coast (iPad only)-Free


Opera recently unveiled its brand new browser based on the WebKit engine for the iPad named Coast which it described as “the browser that should have come with the iPad,” The Coast browser for the iPad is really nice and intuitive to use. The interface is very simple and clean. When you open a webpage, the full display will show you the webpage, there will be no url bar or forward/back buttons, refresh buttons as most of these actions are carried out by gestures. Coast is quick and great to use thanks to the intuitive gestures. Then there’s the awesome security Opera brings, you will be warned of dangerous websites before you access them and it will keep you secure when you are carrying off transactions from the browser.

App Of The Week – Windows Phone



6tag is an Instagram client for Windows Phone which truly works great. There are lot of third party Instagram clients on the Windows Phone Store but nothing comes close. There are various features in 6tag which give the official client found on Android and iOS a run for its money.As the developer of the app, Rudy Huyn describes it, “6tag is the most full featured Instagram app for Windows Phone.” There are all the features you would expect in an Instagram client to be, you can also upload videos but you’ll have to shed a one time payment for that. There are filters straight from the official client so that you feel at home. There are a couple of themes and UI designs as well namely Modern and Polaroid. All in all this is the app you should be using if you want to use Instagram on Windows Phone. Check out if you are a Windows Phone user.


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