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App Of The Week #2 Android-iOS-Windows Phone

App Of The Week #2

This is App Of The Week #2. Last week we started our weekly App Of The Week column and this is #2 week.

Every week we’ll be bringing you one great app for your app appetite for the Top three platforms right now, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

App Of The Week – Android

Instagram – Free

App Of The Week #2

Instagram is the popular photo sharing social network everyone must have heard about and today it’s our featured app because the Android version of the app has just got a sweet update. The app has been updated to version 4.2 which brings automatic straightening of the pictures. The video settings have also been simplified and now you can mute sound when playing a video. There’s a nice option to save your bandwidth as well with an option to pre-load videos and upload them on the network later. The app got a huge update last month which brought video support among other things and the social network is already so popular we don’t need to say anything. Check out Instagram if you haven’t already.

App Of The Week – iOS

Notability – $3

App Of The Week #2App Of The Week #2

Notabiliy is one of the best selling note taking apps present on the iOS platform. You can doodle down notes, edit documents and do whatever you wish for with Notability. It supports a lot of file types so that won’t be a problem. The app will cost you 3$ but the money is worth the experience you get. You can edit almost everything in the document, your own doodle and basically everything else. There are several features for your editing pleasure and it surely makes the note taking experience. The app automatically stores all your work to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc.. You can also share your notes quite easily.

App Of The Week – Windows Phone

Zomato – Free
App Of The Week #2App Of The Week #2

If you are a foodie like me then you are going to love this app. Zomato is the ultimate app to have on Windows Phone if you are a foodie. You can search restaurants and food joints in your nearby. The app automatically checks your location and then searches the nearby restaurants. It even tells you Restaurant menu, its location, contact details and user reviews as well. You can also add your restaurants as favorites. You can also filter the restaurants according to the money you want to spend. The app is well designed and beautiful to look at. Check out Zomato if you are on Windows Phone if you love having some great food.

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