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Apple might launch an 8 GB iPhone 5s to replace the iPhone 5c

The announcement of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was a nail to the coffin for the iPhone 5c, which had gained some popularity in the emerging markets as the low cost iDevice. Well, if the reports are true, Apple might have a replacement for it.

iPhone 5s

Last year, Apple launched an 8 GB version of the iPhone 5c to get some traction in the budget market and the company might be planning to replace it by an 8 GB variant of the very popular iPhone 5s. The new affordable iPhone 5s will be aimed at the emerging markets including China and India.

The report comes from a supply chain source, according to which the new iPhone 5s 8 GB will go on sale in India by the end of the year. The iPhone 5s 16 GB is currently priced at around Rs. 36,000 ($495), while the iPhone 5c 16 GB costs you Rs. 33,000 ($495) and iPhone 5c 8 GB Rs. 22,000 ($330). We can expect the prices to go lower once the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are released and iPhone 5c effectively discontinued. So, the iPhone 5s 8 GB might be priced at around the Rs, 25,000 ($376).

All the iPhone 5s specs should remain the same except for the storage. While 8 GB storage on a smartphone does not sound a great idea but there are people who would want to buy one just for the fact that it is “Apple”. Currently, this is all a rumor and if there’s indeed any truth to the rumor, we should know soon. As always, we will keep you posted. Till then, tell us, does an 8 GB iPhone 5s interest you?

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