Apple iPad Pro packs in 4 GB RAM, confirms Adobe and then retracts

All Apple products have one thing in common, that is a great user experience. All the iDevices have always been buttery smooth and the new iPad Pro should be no exception. In case you had any doubts around the multitasking abilities of the supersized iPad, you can put them to rest because thanks to the folks at Adobe, we now know that the Apple iPad Pro has 4 GB of RAM.

Apple iPad Pro 4

Anyone familiar with Apple should not be surprised at the fact that Apple did not reveal the amount of RAM the iPad Pro comes with. We were expecting an upgrade from the 2 GB RAM on the other iPads, considering the iPad Pro is supposed to be way more productive with the ability to run side-by-side apps. Well, it seems Apple has indeed made an upgrade or not? Well, Adobe, which has partnered with Apple on the iPad Pro first confirmed that the mega tablet indeed comes with 4 GB of RAM but once the news got popular, the company has removed the aforementioned info.

We are not sure as to why Adobe has removed the info. It’s either due to an error in posting or something they were not supposed to reveal. Either ways, we still have no confirmation on the RAM of the Apple iPad Pro but the gut feeling suggests that the device indeed has 4 GB RAM, considering Apple is aiming the device for people with intensive use.


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