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Atlanta Healthcare Airvisual Node – Ultimate Air Quality Monitor

Atlanta Healthcare, India’s leading air quality management company in association with Airvisual released the Airvisual Node. The Airvisual Node one of the best air quality monitors available in the market. Packed with a ton of features, Node is something which you would love you have in your home especially, when it helps you analyze the quality of air. Unlike other products, Airvisual Node does not require any sort of installation and it is portable. The in-build 5-inch screen will display details about the particulate matter (PM), Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, Temperature, Humidity and even more.

It is estimated that, every minute 2 Indians die due to Air pollution. According to the medical journal The Lancet, over a million Indians die every day because of Air pollution. The result of these studies proved to be shocking and horrific, it is better we start equip ourselves with air purifies at least at our favourite place, home. Airvisual Node comes loaded with high precision sensors which can easily track down air borne threats, the data then will help you achieve healthier and to create productive environments.

The Node is a perfect accessory to go with your existing air purifiers. With the high precise sensors, the node can measure almost every possible reading out of air, most important being the pollution level. At any point of time, the display shows the indoor air quality as well as outdoor. The Airvisual’s machine language technology analyze the data coming from the existing network of 8000 monitors and help you track pollution sources, trends etc.

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The device can be connected over Wi-Fi network and is charged via USB charging. There is also an inbuild battery which ensures continuous monitoring even during long power cuts. In addition to the out of the box settings, you can customize many operations of the device even the air measurement time intervals. The data from Node can be easily retrieved using your smartphone app and will be displayed in a well laid dashboard fashion. Talking about the data, the device can hold up to 5 years of internal measurement data and these can be easily downloaded in CSV format for future reference. The sensors work with or without internet.

In addition to real time updates, the Airvisual node also displays 3 days forecast and includes a global air quality map. Maintaining air quality is very important in air conditioned places like hospitals, gym, schools, office etc. This will help you identify and prevent any air borne threats.

In metro cities of India like Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai air pollution is at its peak. Even if you own an air purifier, without the precise air reading it will be of no use. There are two benefits here; you can test whether the air purifier is working fine by checking the reading before and after. Most people put their air purifier in Auto mode which will not be efficient all the time. Second, once the air quality is safe enough you can turn of the air purifier and extend the life of air filter.

For a price tag of 18,999 the Airvisual Node is available to purchase both from the official site and from Amazon. Though the price tag may seem bit expensive but, considering the benefits and portability this gadget comes along with is something which has to be noted.

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