Audiobooks With No Monthly Subscription – Brought To You By Google Play Store

Google now brings for its users, Audiobooks without monthly subscriptions and we are sure it is going to increase the digital readership by a significant number. To your surprise, the audiobooks are now available on the Google Play Store.

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Google makes the audiobook service availability in nine languages and for 45 different countries. With audiobooks, you don’t have to be worried about losing the bookmarks or not knowing where you last stopped reading. Electronic reading is related to your listening skills, all you have to do is lay down, relax and listen. Your favorite characters get their voice and the tension in each scene is expressed properly, leaving you with an amazing experience!

“We know people want to read more and audiobooks are becoming an increasingly popular way to incorporate books into our busy lives,” Google Play Book’s head of product management Greg Hartrell says.

The audiobook is available both for Android, IOS, and the web. With this overwhelming entrance of audiobook in Google Play store, the titles cost $10 or less. It is also offering your first audiobook for 50% off. Books like Fire and fury, the girl on the train, 1984 and Ready One Player are already on discount.

For those who want to avoid extra payments and the hassle of monthly subscriptions, google play gets you relieved. Devices supporting Google Assistant are eligible to play your audiobook. The device will automatically start playing the audiobook where you left it the last time. You can also ask some basic questions about the book to your google assistant like: Who is the author of this book?

IOS users can listen to these audiobooks from the Google Play Books app but, the purchase of audiobooks can be done via web only.

The languages it supports are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Polish. It is available in countries like Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, India and some other Asian Countries.

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