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Avegant Glyph VR Headset Beams 3D content to your Retina

Over the past few years, technology has given us a ton of unbelievable gadgets that makes our life easy and restful. If we talk about personal display technology, screens of the gadgets have been getting smaller and closer to our eyes. The today’s technology gives us a wonderful gadget that allows us to project images directly onto our retina and creates stark and sharp images. It works with Virtual Reality and its lack screen door effect, high resolution and latency of the technology makes it greater for Virtual Reality. So let’s get straight into the review of Avegant Glyph virtual reality retina display headset.


The Glyph is the gadget that is created by the company Avegant Corporation which works hard to miniaturize the technology to fit into portable headset good, which can be used for smartphone and tablet. The Glyph is designed to play games, play music, stream videos, send text images and browse emails by using the virtual display when you are free in planes, trains, and automobiles.



If we talk about the design of Glyph, it is normally like a headset but it has a visual display that allows us to project phone’s images directly onto to our retina. When we put the band in its upright position, it will normally work like a headset. But when we flip it down in front of our eyes, its visual display will rock the smartphones world just in front of our retina.


There is also a mock-up of the IPD ( Interpupillary Distance ) toggles that allows you to change relative distance between the eyes for custom viewing. You can change the distance of the visual display from your eyes accordingly that fits comfortable for you.

If we see Glyph from the side, the metallic detailing and matte finish to the plastic outer shell of the headset.

The device is available in three colors ( Red, Green and Orange ) for the special or regular Glyph edition. But the HDMI and LED colors will remain blue and black respectively for the regular edition.



It was an instant hit at CES event and the concept of Glyph is as real and amazing as you are watching real life with your eyes. When you put it in front of your eyes, it will give you 3D experience to see the smartphone world. It is as comfortable as you will not feel any pressure on your eyes and nose. The slim cable of this gadget can be connected either to an audio jack or an HDMI.


To reflect a sharp, lifelike and vivid image directly onto the back of your retina, it’s Virtual Retina Display uses about one million micromirrors in each eyepiece. It projects light directly into your eyes to mimic natural vision and also boasts a completely different level of realism.



It usability of Glyph is very good as it does not put pressure to your nose and ears. While sitting in a plane, it will give you the experience of watching 80 inch TV and it uses optics to shine moving images directly on your eyeballs. It also translates to about a 45-degree field of view. The device is also good while you are playing games on your Playstation or on Mobile phone.

Its Battery life the powerful thing that has enough power to give you a full-length feature film, about 3 hours.

Is it a Game Changer?

Well, it is a Game Changer. It attracted a lot of attention since it’s inception and was a star attraction at CES. The main advantage of this gadget is that it allows you to experience the today’s technology just in front of your retina rather than on TV screen. It does not require any software to run as it’s a plug-and-play device and uses MLH or HDMI cables. It will rock the headset market in the coming time.


In general, the battery life of Avegant Glyph is 3 hours for video and 48 hours for audio routine. The Featherweight is 16 oz and it is available in three colors – White, Black, and Blue.

It can be connected to the smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth or 3.5mm TRRS jack for audio. And HDMI for video. It’s a Virtual Retina 1,843,200 pixels Display which uses one million micromirror arrays in each eyepiece to reflect a sharp and vivid image and has 120 Hz refresh rate & Contrast ratio less than 1000:1. Audio dynamic range is 115 dB and has Frequency response 20 – 20000 Hz.

Launch, Availability and Expected Price

Avegant Glyph was officially launched as a Kickstarter campaign with a pre-order price of $499 for early adopters. Expected market price is $599. The crowdfunding campaign raised $1,509,506 from 3,331 backers. The company has already started shipping the beta version of the product and the final version will be subjected to a full course of redesign and ergonomic testing where the company will balance the comfort and fit. To ensure a better fit, the company will decrease the thickness of the optics in the visor and slim down the ear cans to 50% of their current thickness.

Hope you liked the review of Glyph Virtual Reality Headset. We appreciate your feedback, do leave your comments below.

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