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Baubax: A Jacket With 15 Smart Features Like Pillow, Blanket & more

The new jacket from Baubax is what sci-fi dreams are made of. Baubax’s Travel Jacket is straight from the futuristic movies we love to watch and well, it is a reality now. The Baubax jacket packs in a number of features, which should make it your favorite travel jacket. It is important to note here that the Baubax Jacket is the most funded clothing project ever on Kickstarter. The project has been backed by over 30,000 people for the tune of $6 million, which is simply amazing considering the fact that Baubax had a goal of only $20,000 funding and they have already crossed funding by many folds and still counting.

Baubax Jacket 1

The cool thing along with the features is that the jacket has a number of different designs. In Baubax’s words. “This is the jacket you needed but never existed.”

Concept Rating

The concept of the Jacket is really cool indeed because while we have had jackets that come with some cool features, this is the only one that packs in so many features. It has something for everyone, thanks to its different variants.

Baubax Jacket 4

Baubax Jacket Features:

  • Neck Pillow
  • Earphone holders
  • Eye mask
  • Phone pocket
  • Drink pocket
  • Zipper – for pen or stylus
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Passport pocket
  • Sunglass pocket
  • Blanket pocket
  • iPad pocket
  • In-built Gloves
  • Hand warming pockets
  • Portable charging pockets

That is quite a long list of features, isn’t it? The cool jacket comes in four variants for men and women. There’s the Sweatshirt, Windbreaker, Bomber and the Blazer. All of the variants have different styling for men and women.

Baubax Jacket 2

We quite like this concept because it embodies well with the gadget loving world that we have today and the jacket packs in various features that a gadget lover will simply love. The addition of a drink pocket and neck pillow seal the deal for me too.

Baubax Jacket 3


As we mentioned, Baubax has various designs and color options, both for men and women. There’s the Sweatshirt, Bomber for the college going guy and there’s the Blazer for the Office going people. So, yes there’s one for everyone and thankfully, they all look pretty good. The Baubax Jacket would have failed if it only had features and less than decent looks but they look as a normal clothing would be expected to look. Even though, they pack a plethora of features, they look pretty normal, which is a good thing.

We cannot say much usability at this point, considering we haven’t used one but from what we can see in the video, it looks pretty comfortable. The Sweatshirt is 100% cotton but Baubax might change it to 80% cotton and 20% polyester to make it tough enough. The Windbreaker is 100% Polyester and it features a water repellent coating too. Bomber is 100% Polyester too but it comes with a soft fabric on the outside, which can easily slide away the snow. Blazer is made up of a wrinkle free fabric, which is 65% Polyester and 35% Viscose. While the first three are machine washable, Blazer needs professional dry cleaning.

Baubax Jacket 6

While we have no doubt on Baubax’s promises of supreme quality in the materials of these jackets, considering the price of the jackets and their experience in the field, we are a little sceptic about how comfortable the jacket will be once it’s loaded with everything. That is one question that will only be truly answered once the jacket starts shipping to people across the globe.

Game Changer?

There are not many fashion projects up and running on Kickstarter but the great success of the Baubax Jacket should encourage others to bring their clothing projects to Kickstarter. While there are jackets that bring similar functionality to the tablet, Baubax’s product packs way more features and looks elaborately planned.

Baubax Jacket 5

From the millions of funding it has received, we can affirm that the Baubax Jacket will indeed be a game changer. It might surely encourage other clothing makers to think out of the box and bring something different to the market.

Launch and Availability

The Baubax’s so-called “World’s Best TRAVEL JACKET” is available to pre-order at Kickstarter and while it does not really need any more funding you can still contribute and have the bragging rights of the initial funders and get a jacket for yourself or have your name on the founder community. The jackets will start shipping in November, so you won’t have to wait too long.

Expected Price

Baubax Jacket 7

Features worth $315 in the Baubax Jacket priced at $129

While the Early Birds pricing on the Kickstarter page have all gone, you can still get one of the jackets at a discount from what its retail price will be. The prices for the Baubax Sweatshirt start at $119, Baubax Windbreak or Bomber prices start at $129 and Blazers price start at $149. To get the blanket, you will have to shelve an additional $25. There are a lot of other pricing and combo options, so check them out on the Baubax Kickstarter page.

The Baubax Jackets are definitely not cheap but with the number of features they bring, their price does seem okay. Anyways, that’s what we think, we would love to know what you think about the Baubax Travel Jacket. So, sound off in the comments section below..

Story behind the birth of the product

The Baubax Jacket has come to life thanks to the couple, Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah. There’s also a sweet little story that laid the foundation for the feature packed jacket. Hiral and Yoganshi were based in San Francisco but before their first wedding anniversary, Hiral had to move to Chicago for his MBA. This resulted in a number of trips for Hiral from Chigaco to San Francisco. Since the flight used to pretty long, Hiral always preferred having a neck pillow but he always forgot to take them and ended up buying one every time he went to the airport. This is when Yoganshi came up with the idea to solve all the traveller’s problems with one jacket.

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