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5 Best Apps to Experience Virtual Reality on Your Smartphone


Virtual reality is basically abbreviated as VR and is basically a man-made environment which is generally created with the help of some software and then presented that to user as it suspends belief as well as looks like a totally real environment. Right now, the smart phone is one of the most important and famous device in relation to Virtual Reality.

Here are 5 best apps to experience Virtual reality on your smartphone:


Orbulus is the very famous Virtual Reality app for your smartphone. It allow in exploring different places almost everywhere starting from the Sydney Opera House to the Paris during night, the china town of San Francisco or even inside of the washing machine. This will help you go to the places where even the Christopher Columbus would be quite jealous of. The great graphics allows this very free app worth the huge download of 216MB.

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Orbulus virtual reality app for android

Dive Deep

Dive Deep helps you to take down deep inside the ocean where it allows to swim along with the fishes, sharks and the whales, everything even without wearing a wetsuit or goggles and not even letting your hair get ruined. The graphics does it all and in a better way, and Dive Deep is a very great concept.

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virtual reality app dive deep

Roller Coaster

This app is a very fantastic Virtual Reality simulator that puts you inside the scariest of all the seats and that too at front of a very terrifying ride while twisting and turning up and down the rides. Going round and round, passing the buildings of the city as well as the skyscrapers. This app even allows you to look upwards, also look towards left side to right side, but do not look down. Try turning yourself around and you will find that you are not at all alone.

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Roller Coaster Virtual Reality simulator android app


Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding app is discovered from same person that developed the Rollercoaster app. It is quite difficult in knowing what is making you more tensed, the pretty mountain that is rapidly approaching towards your face or the sky that is above you or the sea that lies below you. This app lets you to go through the experience of gliding all by sitting at one place and enjoying it on your phone.

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Hang Gliding virtual reality android app

Cartoon Village

The Cartoon Village Virtual Reality is a very cute app which helps in placing you inside a totally colorful and bright cartoon environment. It helps you to move from one scene to other scene by taking a nice look all around the beautiful place at each and every description. You can even change the time and season of the respective day, and even tweak camera mode as well as the walking speed. The graphics of this cartoon village are very nice, the insects, the butterflies and the leaves which flutters all around yourself and is pretty cool.

Download app from Playstore.
Village for Google Cardboard virtual reality android app

The emphasis of using a smartphone for Virtual Reality is not at all surprising. It gives most of the ideas to turn the smart phone into a wonderland of VR and they all are already there. It has probably a very good screen. It surely has much needed power for processing to show a person a movie in the effect of virtual reality, or in order to play a very simple Virtual Reality game.

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