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5 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Introvert Sister

Christmas is close and so are a lot of surprises from Santa! But, don’t you think that mugs, photo frames and winter apparels are a little too mainstream for the ultimate Christmas gift list? Why not gift your loved ones with something unconventional this time! Ditch the usual and allow your forever friend, your sister, to unbox something oh-s0-original. Therefore, I bring to you the most unique and irreplaceable gift ideas that are specially curated for your introvert sister.

1. Hair Dryer

Too personal or weird to gift? Nope, I don’t think so. Most of the girls love stuff related to grooming. A hair dryer like this Philips Essential Care Dryer in peppy pink or this elegant black travel dryer by Braun can never go waste.

You can also buy from these affordable hair dryers: Rusk Lite, Rusk Super Freak, Solano, BaByliss PRO or by Conair.

With amazing deals on hair dryers this season, you can definitely gift your sister something she wouldn’t be able to guess in her wildest dreams. And take it from me, no woman would dislike a Christmas gift that does the best for her lustrous locks and style the short strands too.

GadgetNote_Christmas Gift For Sister_Hair Dryer

(Image Courtesy: PopSugar)


1. It’s sturdy and durable.

2. Multipurpose (Can be used for both styling and drying the hair).

3. Hair dryers come in all range that could fit your budget. (Starting from 700 rs up to 3000)


1. Doesn’t work on bald people.

2. Can damage hair in the long run so would require a little care.

I personally use hair dryers for tons of purposes. Sometimes even to steam my clothes. It really works!

2. VR Headset

Does your sister love movies? If yes, this Ocular VR Headset is the right thing for her. And in fact, who wouldn’t enjoy using one? Kids, extroverts, introverts and even pets on the Internet are seen being fascinated with the new virtual reality fad.

GadgetNote_Christmas Gift For Sister_VRHeadset

(Image Courtesy: Samsung)


1. Entertaining

2. Trending

3. A decent VR pricing could vary depending on the brand name and model. However, they start at a very affordable price range.


1. Some might find it uncomfortable to use.

VR headset is a fun gadget. You definitely don’t come across a lot of people gifting VR sets, do you? It’s the best and exclusive gift you could give your sister.

3. Headphone

It is raining discounts on multiple websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. There is a huge range of wired and wireless headphones you can select from. Headphones are too personal to be shared with anybody. So, why not choose the best one you think your sister would love? My personal favourite are these by Sennheiser that also comes with a microphone and these powerful earphones by SoundMAGIC that are not to be missed! If you want to gift her a super cool and On-Ear Wireless Headset, then Boat Rockers are a must see.

GadgetNote_Christmas Gift For Sister_Headphones

(Image Courtesy: placeholder)


1. Comes with a warranty.

2. Hundreds of variants to choose from.

3. Value for money investment.


1. None that I can think of.

4. E-Reader

An E-reader could be a pricey affair if compared with other gadgets that you can buy for her. But if she is a reader junkie, believe me, she is going to be amazed at how well you read her mind. An E-reader is a modern day book that can be carried whenever and wherever without having the fear of tearing it. It’s basically a virtual book. Your sister can read it in the bed, on the way to her workplace and even while she’s bored travelling back home from work. An e-reader from Kobo or by Amazon can be a great Christmas Gift.

GadgetNote_Christmas Gift For Sister_E-Reader

(Image Courtesy: TabletHelpline)


1. Thousands of stories to read on just one device.

2. A much more updated and modern-day version of old school books.


1. Price.

5. Smart Bands

Let me tell you, smart bands are not only trendy but worth the purchase as a Christmas gift. They basically resemble those traditional watches, looks stylish on the wrist and comes with several smart features like fitness tracking, call/ text notifying, time/ calendar updates, microphone and sometimes even a camera, all depending on the model you choose to buy. You can buy a Fitbit smartwatch or a the by GOQii can be best for her.

GadgetNote_Christmas Gift For Sister_Smartwatch

(Image Courtesy: Mac rumours)


1. Sleek and durable

2. Portable and a perfect companion for your phone.


1. A smart and heavily relies on some other electronic device such as a phone.

So, here are a few Christmas gifting ideas by us for bringing a smile to the woman who has always been your partner in crime! But, also let us know if you have any other suggestions that we can absolutely include in this list. Share your opinion with us, we would love to hear from you!

(Featured Image Courtesy: Daily Mirror)

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