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Best websites for Music Lovers

Best websites for Music Lovers

You love music and you also love the Internet. You have been using the Internet for a long time and I understand that you also know your way around! In fact, it’s not just about you, it’s about the whole world. We all have the best ever music apps tweaked just the right way to look out for new releases every time. But the environment of music is just too vast and perhaps you might not be knowing about every excellent website or app that exists. Therefore here is a small list of all those chosen websites that help you discover & share music perfectly!

Best websites for Music Lovers

1. SoundCloud

Searching for new artists, a particular album or any record label that perfectly matches your tastes can be a satisfying experience. So without any doubt, SoundCloud is a God’s gift to all kinds of music & also for music lovers. SoundCloud is a global and online audio distribution platform that is really simple and allows anyone to upload and/ or download the choicest music under a variety of licenses. It allows embedding the uploaded tracks across the internet. It opens up an entirely new world of music for people. The website or the SoundCloud app can be effortlessly and it also allows people to discuss music over the platform. SoundCloud is popular, and if someone wants to hear the next big thing before any of the labels do, SoundCloud is the place!

2. Spotify

No matter what all controversies Spotify has been involved in, it still remains the best music service. Spotify is available for both PC and smartphones. It helps you stream pretty much every music. Spotify is a free service for all those newbies, but Spotify Premium is also worth picking. Because you would never realize how annoying those advertisements are until they are magically gone with the Premium version. And additionally, the offline access to Spotify is a godsend gift. Play your favorite music whenever and wherever you want!

3. iTunes Store & Apple Music

Apple users might surely be aware of the music servicer available for their usage. It is since the release of iPods that iTunes has grown to significantly dominate the whole music industry. And not to our surprise, it comprises of more than 60% of all the music sales not in any particular country but on the whole earth!

Music available online for downloading is sometimes not what we actually expect. At times, we really want to purchase the tracks to gain a superior experience. And apparently, iTunes has everything you are looking for – music, movies or audiobooks. It is heavily intertwined with the Apple Music a direct competitor of Spotify. Comparatively, it has a smaller library and a monthly fee of around $9.99. With this charge, you have an unlimited access to the entire library that too advertisement free.

4. Pandora

Pandora is only available for US users. It is actually a great tool for discovering all kinds of latest music. Pandora is a free and personalized online radio. All you need to do is just add a few of your favorite tracks and the station begins playing the related music. And believe me, the music would be something that you have probably never heard previously. Pandora is amazing and it truly unleashes the immense power of music. This personalized radio service tops every list on the internet and hopefully, it will stay that way for many more years.

5. is an online music catalog which can easily become your “most favorite.” It monitors your listening habits and uses the same to statistically analyze what you might like and what would not be your choice. This service offers super accurate recommendations that are likely to  appreciate. Apart from this, offers free streaming of music and videos along with photographs, lyrics of the songs, charts, biographies of the artists and even internet radio.

6. SongKick

Songkick is a mobile service as well as a website providing tickets & personalized calendars for live events. Just connect your SongKick id to Spotify, or Facebook and you will be kept up-to-date about your preferred artists playing nearby.

You will also be exhibited with the ticket prices for the same. The tickets will be from various merchants for you to quickly find the most affordable one. This way you are ensured of never missing out on any live gigs. It is simple, powerful and something that you would surely need.

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