Bevel Turns Any Phone Into a 3D Camera #SmarterInvention

Matter and Form, the company behind the affordable 3D scanner is now back with a small 2.5 inch 3D accessory for your smartphone which can be attached to capture 3D images. Bevel is said to be the first of it’s kind 3D accessory for phones and tablets.bevel 3d laser picture smartphone accessory

Why go 3D?

With the 3D supported new devices and platforms gaining momentum, 3D photography is the new hot thing.
In CEO’s words- “When 2 dimensions are not enough when a photograph just doesn’t tell the whole picture, its time to move from 2d to 3d.”

Visual communication using image and video has been around for a while, but 3 dimensional and 360 view is just a whole new experience coming into foray to change the way we capture places, people, things and moments. 3D photographs can be viewed from different angels and frames, and make it easy to 3D print.

With Bevel 3D camera sensor, you can capture and share photos in 3D just like any other photo. Not just that, if you have a 3D printer, you can also use Bevel 3D images for 3D printing or use Bevel as a 3D scanner, with the help of a third party software to process and download the scanned model.

How Bevel 3D Works

The device looks simple and easy connect to the phone. You just have to plug it into the AUX/headphone jack of your phone. Bevel captures 3D using a laser light safe for eyes, it doesn’t use your phone camera, but complements it by capturing 3D data. The optimal distance the laser can capture is 1 meter. This awesome accessory comes with an inbuilt battery backup for 3 hours of constant 3d laser scanning usage and a charging time of upto 30 mins to fully charge.

bevel 3d camera compatibility with smartphone


Bevel 3D Camera works with most Android phones (Kitkat 4.4 or higher) which has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and iPhone, or iPad (iOS 8 or higher). Bevel also comes with an App for Android and IOS which lets you customize the captured 3D images with a background image or turn the picture into a GIF, the app can directly share the images to your favorite social networks. Photos taken from Bevel can be download in OBJ, STL, PLY and DAE formats.
bevel 3d photo scanning


Price and availability

The company has also launched an online portal Cashew3.com to upload 3D photos exclusively (here’s some awesome 3D photos). Access to Cashew3d.com is currently available only by invite. But, those who back the project with $49 or more will get one Bevel 3D product and gain exclusive access to Cashew. Bevel has been successfully funded by over 3000 backers for the tune of $266,629 which is beyond their goal for the Kickstarter campaign. Bevel is available in 5 different colors and will also come in a limited edition design.

bevel 3D camera smartphone accessory

Since the product is still in development, so we should wait a little more to know about how it works in different conditions and what more features we can expect from Bevel 3D.

Bevel is expected to go on sale by mid-2016, you can pre-order Bevel on Kickstarter. Don’t forget to share your views about Bevel in the comments section below and also rate the product below.


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