Big stack unveils the ‘Amalgamation’ collection

Big Stack to launch a line of garments known as ‘Amalgamation. This collection has included smart casuals.

The ideology behind the collection is using distraction as the key. Players are known to use strategies to use clothing as an element to distract the opponents. Remember? The glasses used by Deepika Padukone in Race 2. Every now and then players try to confuse their opponents with elements like accessories and clothing.

Big stack took this method to a different level by using explicit pastel colours, imprints of the shapes and face crads like spade, diamond, king etc, and other motifs in their designs. These outfits are stylish to wear with the logo makes it look very iconic and posh. The collection is tailored out of lightweight and breathable fabric which gives you the comfort to wear it for long hours while playing the game.

Women - Crest Design Polo

Image Courtesy: Big Stack

On this occasion of the launch, Rai Sahib Singh Khurana, Founder, Big Stack quotes,” Each of our garment reflects some or the other characteristic of a poker player. The collection is marketed digitally pan India on our website and on major e-commerce websites.”

Men - Crest Polo

The logo of the company comes from the German and Swiss culture, where the shield represents the highest value in the card game. The symbol of the king is concluded from the face card which holds the highest rank. This combination of ‘Crest’ and the overall logo represents Big Stack clothing. The collection also involves a Unisex cap which adds even more class to the overall collection. The collection comes in various colours to choose from. SO enjoy your poker sessions with Big Stack and let us know your experience below. You can explore more designs of their apparels in thebigstack.com.

Unisex Poker Cap


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