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This Brain Chip Helped A Paralysed Man Feel His Fingers


Technology is playing a vital role in making the impossible now possible. Realising we are living in the era of “Future Shock” where adapting a change is a necessity, and this change is now leading by technology. Technology – the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Right from the discovery of telephone to the discovery of a human robot, technology is everywhere. It has made life easier, simpler and stress free.


With the new invention of Brain Chip, a hope of new life has emerged for the paralysed patients, making it possible for them to sense most of their body parts. Approximately 1.9 percent of total U.S population are reported suffering from some form of paralysis. Statistics tells us that major chunk from this percentage are the soldiers who risk their life in the service of the nation.

Thanks to the advancement in technology which has showered, rays of hope in getting back their body sensation, giving a new life to them.

A recent real life story of Copeland who described the experience of feeling his fingers for the first time in a decade is a marvellous example to show how this brain chip is a small piece of heaven.


The Brain Chip Technology:

The Brain Chip is a special device facilitating day to day activities for the people suffering from disability.

How it functions?

The brain’s natural electric signals that stimulate voluntary movement are made in contact with the electrode chip which is implanted into pre-defined positions within the motor cortex.

5 Exciting facts about this brain chip:

  • It increases the dynamic ranging of senses.
  • Giving paralyzed patients full mental control of limbs.
  • It has full potential of enhancing memory.
  • It enables consistent and constant access to information where and when needed.
  • It plays a significant role in future genetic engineering fields and neuroscience.

The one of a kind invention especially made to ease the human life, reliving them from pain and sharing a hope of a new life.



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