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BuddyGuard Flare is a smart security system that works on its own

Have you ever had a security system? If yes, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. The traditional security systems have been known to cause problems more than solving them. Well, thanks to the advancing technology, we might finally have a great security system. BuddyGuard Flare is an all in one security system, which as the title says works on its own to keep you secure and safe. Flare is equipped with all of the new technologies that should be part of a modern security system.

BuddyGuard Flare 1

Well, let’s take a more detailed look at BuddyGuard’s Flare..

Design and Build Quality

While not much is detailed on the design front of Flare. It looks like a smoke detector and it is pretty small. The device’s diameter is 11 cm and it can be easily placed on the wall facing your entrance to make sure who’s coming in and out. The device is wireless and its battery is said to last for three weeks on normal usage. The device is stuffed with all kinds of sensors and other tech. Take a look at the picture below, which details all the parts of the device.

BuddyGuard Flare hardware

The device has been designed to gel well with all kinds of walls. Setting it up on a wall is supposed to be fairly easy. Flare features a magnetic base, which sticks easily with any kind of adhesive. Overall, we like the simple design of the device, as it does not really interfere with the ambience.


While the concept is impressive in itself, there are a number of specs to talk about first. The Flare features a 1080p camera to record the people entering the house. There’s motion detector, speaker, siren, accelerometer, temperature sensor and a microphone. The device has WiFi connectivity to bring you notifications and there’s a 3G SIM card slot as well in case there’s no WiFi service.

BuddyGuard Flare 2


BuddyGuard Flare Specifications:

  • HD Camera
  • Motion detector
  • Accelerometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Siren
  • 3G module
  • WiFi
  • Battery slot


Flare uses artificial intelligence to keep you secure and safe and handle the situations itself without bothering you. The user can set trusted contacts through facial recognition, so when a trusted contact enters the house, Flare automatically goes to sleep. Flare will automatically activate when you leave the house and deactivate when a trusted member enters the house.

If someone unknown enters the house, Flare will first use “subtle defence tactics”, that is making sounds of people talking or someone washing the utensils so that the burglar gets scared off thinking people are at home. If the device detects something fishy, thanks to its motion detector and various algorithms, it will sound off an alarm and contact emergency services and the house owner on its own. Apart from facial recognition, Flare also has a microphone, so you can even communicate with it through your voice.

In case of a break in, Flare will record and take images and it will save them online in an encrypted database. The device also detects pets, so animals won’t trigger any kind of an alarm.


BuddyGuard Flare 4

While the concept and the technology stuffed in Flare is pretty cool, BuddyGuard has also made sure to fix any concerns about usability. You must be wondering what would happen if a burglar just removed the device from the wall. Well, Flare would then sound an alarm immediately along with sending a notification to the owner. Then there are also concerns of privacy but BuddyGuard assures that when a trusted member is in the house, the device will go to sleep and not monitor anything.

Flare comes with an app, so that the user can monitor the security system on the go. In case the internet is cut off, the device will then use the 3G SIM card installed in it to keep you updated and monitor the house.

Game Changer?

BuddyGuard Flare 3

We are not sure if Flare is a game changer, considering there have been devices like Canary, Piper, which do a somewhat similar job. But Flare does make things simpler, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. BuddyGuard’s Flare is a great security system but you will need more than one Flare if you want to make sure all the entrance to your house including your windows are secure. While the security system sounds pretty top notch and futuristic with all the technology stuffed in, we will have to wait and see how well does it work in real life. Till then, we will reserve our conclusion on whether the device is a game changer or not.

Launch and Availability

BuddyGuard Flare 5

BuddyGuard Flare was launched as a KickStarter campaign and it easily managed to reach its goal. In fact, it reached 200% of its goal, which suggests the public interest in a good modern security system. The device is now up for pre-order and it should start shipping starting this December. The device is priced at around $250 and you can pre-order the device from BuddyGuard’s official website.

Price to Value Ratio

Flare is priced at $250, which seems reasonable considering the various technologies stuffed in the device. The price also caters well right now with the aimed audience of the device, backers of the company and people looking to try a modern security system. Well, we think the device is rightly priced and this is the reason for its moderate success.

Startup Origin and Founders

The Flare has been designed by CEO Herbert Hellemann, who is from Mexico. He decided to bring a better security system than the conventional ones when his own house had a break in. After the break in, Herbert started to look for security systems and according to him, “a quick research showed me that all available security systems were either too complicated, too elementary, too expensive or simply too ugly. I was disappointed, to say the least.” That’s when he took it upon himself to build a modern security system.

Other founders of the company includes the CTO George Platton, who makes sure the Artificial Intelligence is right on track on Flare. The third founder is COO Wouter Verhoog, who brings his PR and marketing experience to the company.

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