How to Bypass the Reliance Jio SIM 2GB Data Limit to make it Unlimited

Now that you have purchased your Reliance Jio SIM card even after the long queues, completed the activation process immediately or after some time and are able to make and receive calls and messaged and also use the internet, hurray, you too have taken a step towards Digital India. But wait, instead of the unlimited data usage offer all over the country did you just get 2GB data? Fussing about how to get over it? No problem, you got an issue, we have a solution.

Reliance Jio 2GB to Unlimited


Just go along the following steps (at your own risk) and bypass this 2GB data limit and gain unlimited data access for your Reliance Jio SIM:

  1. Firstly, you need to uninstall all the Jio mobile applications including the MyJio mobile app.
  2. Just keep your Reliance Jio SIM internet turned on.
  3. Even if you have already exhausted the 2GB data completely, use your WiFi internet and follow the steps.
  4. You have to now download the MyJio apk from the given link. The link to the MyJio apk app is
  5. After you have installed the MyJio mobile app, just turn off your mobile data.
  6. (Follow this step without turning on your mobile data) Open the My Jio app and you’ll find the “Open” button beside the My Jio app option. Just tap on Open.
  7. After this step, a “No internet connection” message gets displayed but not to worry and just click on Signup option.
  8. After the above step is completed, turn on your Reliance Jio Sim mobile internet only.
  9. Now signup using your Jio Sim mobile number and complete this process.
  10. After this, Sign-in to your registered account and fully close MyJio app.
  11. Once the above steps are completed, start installing all the 10 Reliance Jio apps like Jio Play, Jio4Voice, etc. from the Google Play Store with the Jio internet only.
  12. Open all the Jio mobile apps one by one after installing and then close them all one by one.
  13. After the above step, turn off your mobile data and open the MyJio mobile app using the Open button present beside the MyJio application list.
  14. The “Get Jio SIM” option gets displayed on the screen after which you need to click on the Option button.
  15. Again the “No internet connection” message displays. Now just turn on your Reliance Jio SIM mobile internet and go back by clicking on your mobile’s back button. You will automatically be signed in after this step.

Reliance jio 2gb to unlimited

Hurray, that’s it! After following all the above steps carefully you will see a popup message about the Reliance Jio SIM Unlimited Data and call offer. Simply click on the Submit button and you are done! You actually got the access to Jio’s Unlimited Data, Calling and SMS services for the next 3 months all free. The 2GB limitation has been bypassed.

If you are aware of any other tried and tested tricks, do share them in the comments below. Also, let us know if you are enjoying your unlimited data access along with free calling.

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