Candle Charger: Charge Your Phone With Just A Candle And Water

Our phones have become an integral part of our lives and for most of us, it is tough to live without them. Well, there are times when there’s a power cut or we are camping and our phone’s battery is all set to die. Yes, there are power banks to help us out but what if even they are dead? Well, here is when the Candle Charger by Stower comes into play.

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This cool charger, which is currently a Kickstarter project only needs a candle and some water to charge your phone. Sounds interesting, right? Well, let’s check out its details.


The Candle Charger features a water bath and a candle stand. The charger features two core technologies, a thermoelectric module, also known as the Peltier cooler and a Stower smart circuit, which makes sure that the power output is stable for the device that is being charged.

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According to Stower, the Candle Charger is sturdy enough for outdoor usage but it has been designed to go well with the household items. The device has an aluminium exterior, which along with giving it a modern look is good for thermal efficiency. The charger comes with a handle to hold it and a locking mechanism, so that the water bath remains secure.

The charger also has an LED indicator, which lets you know the power availability. A flashing light suggests that the power is available while a steady light means that your device is ready to be charged.

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The Candle Charger uses the Thermoelectric technology to charge your devices. The device converts the thermal energy from a candle to electric energy good enough for your smartphones. The Candle Charger is the much more efficient version of Stower’s first device, the FlameStower, which also uses fire to charge devices.

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A candle can easily last 6 hours, which should be good enough to charge two iPhones. If we think about the concept, it’s certainly amazing. Without our smartphones, we become very helpless, so it’s good to see a company doing something about it. Once you have the Candle Charger, you will never need to worry about blackouts or anything.


The Candle Charger seems pretty easy to use. You will just need to add 5 ounces of water to the water bath, light a candle and place it in the stand and simply plug in your USB device to charge. Pretty simple, eh?

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There are no complexities in the Candle Charger and the steps are pretty easy. This is great, considering you need a simple device in case of an emergency. The candle and the water are two things that are easily available, so it surely won’t be a hassle to get the Candle charger working. One candle lasts for around 6 hours, which should be good enough to charge your device.

The Candle Charger outputs 2.5W of power, which is equal to what the laptop’s USB port brings and you can charge any USB supported device with it.

Game Changer?

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The Candle Charger by Stower is indeed a game changer, considering we will be even more reliant towards our smartphones in the future. Along with smartphones, there will be various other devices we might get dependent on and that’s when the Candle Charger will be a useful tool in case of blackouts or natural disasters or any other emergency.

We are pretty sure that Stower will try and bring more technology to the Charger and we sure can’t wait to know what’s next.

Launch and Availability

The Candle Charger by Stower is currently a Kickstarter campaign and the chargers will start shipping to backers starting December 2015. The campaign ends soon, so you better hurry if you want one.

Candle Charger Specifications

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The Candle Charger will be priced at $99, when it hits the retail market later on but right now, you can pledge $65 on Kickstarter to get one.

Stower POP Kit

There are several other combos and a P.O.P (Power Outage Prepared) Kit from Stower, which is an emergency kit packing a Candle Charger, two candles, USB flash lights, a multi-took, long matchsticks, ReadyBath disposable wash cloths and an Aqua Blox shelf-life water . So, check them out at the Candle Charger Kickstarter page.

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