Cool things you could do in iOS 9 that you couldn’t do in iOS 8

The new boy in town has been creating waves like its ancestors. But champs them all with new features in the arsenal. Here we take a look at some amazing things that are now possible on the platform that has enchanted the people who use it and has become a part of the folklore.

1. Doodling over Email attachments

If you ever wished you could write haphazard notes in the attachments you mail directly in your iOS and without going to a new pdf editor : God just heard you. Yes, you are welcome.
Head over to the Markup button after you open the attachment you want to carcass with your intelligence. It is really fun if you love to doodle over with colors. (The Markup button place on the screen although depends upon the filetype of attachments.)

Let the scribbling flow


2. Wifi – Assist

Just because you walked away from your reliable wifi router at home (whilst using google maps because they are accurate) does not mean that you MUST use the other slow wifi’s. This feature is by default and shifts you to cellular network instead of tagging you to turtle paced routers. Much needed. Much needed.



3. Back button

Android users have jeered iOS users for years now for this. It was long overdue and has finally arrived. Whenever you click open a link in app1(Mail) and it opens in app2(Safari), you can see a go back button on the top left. It is amazing how the masters of simplicity ignored this warranted demand for so long that it seems ridiculous to be writing “Bazinga! Here comes the back button”.


4.Split View (iPad)

So Samsung set this as a “must have” for tablets and apple has followed. 2 Apps on a single screen. You own an iPad Air 2, you seriously need this. LIKE. GO. GET. IT. NOW.


5. Zoom into your videos

This tops the charts. Zooming in using the standard pinching action which caused a patent feud between Apple and Samsung, you can take a closer look.


6.Swipe to remove alarms:

Asking Siri to dismiss all your alarms was fun at first but now you can simply swipe them away.


7.Ad Blocking

With the advent of iOS 9 came a relief to annoying adverts on webpages. This includes barring the video ads, from popping up.

The important thing is that ad blocking is not integrated into Safari. But rather to get ad blocking, you need to download a separate app.

And it is a bit tricky too, you don’t turn on ad blocking from Safari itself. You should do it by installing a configuration profile in your Settings tab. Certainly a respite nevertheless.


8.Shuffle All, we missed you:

Apple Inc. for reasons only best-known to them discarded this very thing music lovers consider tremendously essential. Much to our delight, it is back.


9. Add events from your emails

Siri is getting more proactive by each update rollout.
The development of Siri and iOS encompasses spotting events in your emails and automatically putting them to your calendar so that you never miss it. You can also add a reminder alarm. With Gmail users, this was possible since like 1200 BC.


10. Hide Pictures

Just in case you get mobbed by your friends or your parents take away your phone for a surprise inspection, HIDE option is very very handy. It helps you hide sensitive material that you don’t want anyone to have access to.




11. Summon Siri from anywhere

It was funny to note that up until now, the voice shortcut “Hey Siri” only worked while your phone was charging. Rest at all times it was the same manual maneuver. Now you can call Siri up under the General tab in the Settings app. Sadly it is only for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users.



0. This is not a feature

Changes can be annoying and this new one is just so. A mixed-case keyboard has arrived for the first time and has faced criticism for complicating such routine stuffs as typing. So if you hate this keyboard, do not regret updating. There’s an option unlike before at Settings: General: Accessibility: Keyboard.
Told you, it ain’t a feature.

All in all, yes considerable improvements and features added but nothing meteoric.

Obviously, these do not give you bragging rights in front of a bestfriend with an Android OS. You can try Blackberry people for a change.

An iPhone is afterall an iPhone. Nothing beating that.

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