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Curved (Flexible) display smartphones coming soon from LG, Samsung

The flexible displays we have seen from quite some time now thanks to LG, Samsung and even Nokia will be making its way to consumer smartphones soon if the reports turn out true.

Flexible displays

After much wait and anticipation we will see the use of flexible displays in smartphones later this month or before the year ends. The folks at ZDNet report that LG will be unveiling their first smartphone using the flexible display technology dubbed the LG Z or Z1. The smartphone will have a concave curved display.

Flexible displays

Samsung is also not at all far behind as they have demoed flexible displays quite a few times and now the company as they had promised will be bringing the flexible display tech to the consumer. The reports say that the South Korean company will be launching a Galaxy Note 3 Active which will feature a flexible curved display and with the Active moniker we can make out it will be a dust proof and water proof smartphone while being a Galaxy Note 3 from the inside.

Flexible displays

Well don’t get your imaginations and hopes too high as although the technology has been there, its still not quite practical. In these smartphones, the display will be flexible but as we all know the other components of a smartphone haven’t yet reached the same level of advancement. Thus although the display being flexible, you won’t be able to flex your smartphones while we can expect that in the future but right now as far as we know the display will be curved along with being unbreakable and yes slim bezels will be there too.

We’ll be bringing you all the news related to the flexible display smartphones LG and Samsung will be launching this month or later so stay tuned and yes do tell us what you think of the flexible display tech.

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