The Dash – Wireless Earbuds That’s Also Your Health Tracker

They say one thing right about music, it is like that drug makes you ask more always. For two decades, we have been seeing some tremendous improvements in the way we hear our melodies. Gramophones, VCR, Sony’s patented Walkman, the ‘1000-songs-in-your-pocket iPod’, Zipper earphones – All had one thing blatantly displayed. That is a boundless music experience.

It is not that we hate our gadgets and want to throw them. I absolutely love my phone, the tons of songs it has, the noise cancellation. Everything but the wires! We have been speculative for quite a while for wireless earbuds. They were advertised as far better than round the head ones. So when finally Bragi’s DASH opened the window display to the public, it turned heads. And how!

The list of features on this wireless Dash is longer than the food menu in many posh French cafeterias.


Design Intricacies

Things are getting out of hand with this company. They used 3D printers to print their prototypes and see their effect on the hearing. It comes with an ultra-cool charging case that charges them up to 5 times. They are designed to be efficient and are purely touch operated. These earbuds are fitted with biometrics that are reliable. You can nod your head to answer a call.


The Wireless Gods


The concept is as humanly as it gets: Dumping the use of wires. It is extremely futuristic in its approach of design and you are in for a surprise. Innovation has finally married great design. Both the Dash headphones are driven by a microcomputer that is not merely a connection to your smart phone, but also allows the two buds to communicate with each other. With heartbeat and respiration rate sensors, we rate this device as hyper-futuristic


The ease of communication should involve gesture and voice commands and not some touchpad. And this device gives you just that. Almost a music assistant in your pocket.

It has a built in accelerometer and understand the movement of your head. And gesture recognition is certainly what stands it out from the other ones available in the market.


  • Music time with one full charge: 4 hours.
  • Full Charge Time:< 1 hour.
  • Charging : Micro USB with a 100 Mah battery
  • Microphone: None
  • Add-on features: A built-in 4GB music player
  • USP: All-in-one. Short in size great in stature. 15 sensors track the paramount signs of body. Gesture recognition and operating with voice and touch.


Game changer?

Well, it is worth the money you put in. Nice things are expensive and so it is also. But this is one of a kind and the futuristic features associated with it, allow us to add the adjectives “reliable and accurate”, certainly make it the best in the business.
Touch operated and absolutely no wires are one of the prime reasons we think you must put your bet on this piece of art. Things that we are skeptical about include the ambient noise filters that it advertises on the website. But with a good track record, it is believed that the company will keep its promise of a perfect sound experience.

No rhapsodizing, but this is the thing to make yours!

State of Art

State of Art.


Launch and availability

Bragi is aiming to create a wave with first round of launches very soon, and the Dash headphones will cost $299 in Europe and are available online as well. The Dash exceeded its fundraising goal of $260,000 by about $3 million. So it is expected to release the first wave of its product line shortly. We expect it to be around the end of this year. No official timeline though. You can pre-order “The Dash” from the Braggi store.

Official Cost : 299 USD.

Waiver : of 5 USD for the pledgers.

Sleeve Sizes Available : Small / Medium / Large

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