Duplicate Files Fixer: Hassle Free Android Experience

File management is a big issue for any operating system. The way a computer works is that it processes any data that is put into it and then subsequently creates an index so that it can be revisited and revised again.

A computer needs full access to all its resources, which are also known as system files. These are bits of code that tell the computer how and when to perform a certain action. All these files as well as any user input files are all stored away and are accessed through the many indexes that the computer system creates.

It is vital for the computer to keep tabs on them to function. It is with this purpose that system utility tools have been created, with a view to organize system files better and to clean redundant files when necessary.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak

Android systems are quickly falling prey to an overflow of files. This is because of the many applications that it has to run simultaneously. In order to correct this, the development company Systweak has created tools for better file management and system cleanup. A very successful app by this company is the Duplicate Files Fixer. This utility application lets you delete any and all files that have been duplicated by the android system.

How it Works?

It lets you optimize the android without having to search for files and risk deleting otherwise irreplaceable ones. The app comes with a very user-friendly interface that supports various file formats. The duplicate media remover comes in five different categories: audio, video, pictures, documents and full scan. There are also options to preview files before deleting as the app lets you have complete transparency on what to get rid off.

The clever AI gives helpful suggestions on authentic copies and duplicate ones. It also provides full details so that the user can make an informed choice. There is also an option to exclude certain files and folders, if need be. This allows you to stay clear of system files which are important for the running of the operating system. The app itself is lightweight and very smooth.


It is one of those apps that the user can use without worrying about the health of their android. The clean interface and the different functions let you manage your files easily without having to download many apps that do a variety of chores. The Duplicate Files Fixer is a one app solution to all your android needs and has been made available for download for free by Systweak.

The user can save precious amounts of time by downloading this utility app as it does many functions and is hassle-free. It saves the user from the headache of having to go search for duplicate files or having to check which file is vital and which is redundant. The app manages to give a full detail of the files in the system before it performs an action. All the various functions in the app are designed to keep in mind the amateur among amateur of users.


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