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EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness and performance

Ever wondered what happens in your brain or how it works or what it does? The complexity of what signals does the brain send and receive cannot be explained in simple terms. But the intricate chemical movements and conditions of the brain are now simplified in order to understand them in a better way and let you wield the force with the help of EMOTIV INSIGHT.

Emotiv Insight for the brain

The Emotiv Insight allows you to know what the brain is actually doing. Knowing how it reacts to the sensations and the feelings that you have is also another feature. Emotiv Insight tracks your perception, attention, engagement, interest, relaxation as well as the stress levels are easily recognized with the device and is clearly understand. You and your family / friends can without any difficulty use the device and know the cognitive ability as well as the stability of your Brain and take actions accordingly.

Designing of Emotiv Insight

The EMOTIV INSIGHT is a device which is very simple to use, easy to access and convenient to handle. It is a device that measures the naturally emitted electrical impulse in your brain. It further transfers the naturally emitted impulses into a simple language over a phone screen. This makes it even more easier for you to understand the language of your brain.

Concept Rating

When the technology can put forth what is going on in your brain, there could be nothing better! It becomes very easy to understand your inner self as well as how you act or react in a particular situation. It enables you to know the levels of the stress, relations, attention, interest, anger, anxiety and most of the sensations that one can think of. By analyzing these workings of your brain, you can further make the changes and emendations required.



Anyone and everyone is eligible to use the device and be able to understand the workings of their brain system. It is a wearable technology which is lightweight and covers the five EEG sensors along with the two reference sensors that get signals from the various parts of your brain. Emotiv Insight additionally analyzes those signals and transfer them in a simpler language. It has dry sensors that do not require any preparation; you only need to wear the device at any point of time for obtaining accurate measures.

Game Changer?

Something that lets you understand the reason behind your acts and why you are acting is commendable and nothing of the same sort yet exists. It is almost like controlling your brain which is really impossible otherwise. The recordings and the analysis, the measurements and the counting of the various feelings and sensations allow you to know where they stand and where they have to reach. The Emotive Insight can also detect commands such as push, pull, rotate, levitate, and even commands that are harder to visualize like disappear. It can also detect facial expressions such as winks, blinks, frown, surprise, clench, and smile. How wonderful!

emotiv insight device


  • 6-axis inertial sensors
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life of about 4 hours
  • Supports all systems
  • Can understand and analyze expressions, performances, mental commands and sensations

Availability and Expected Price

The device is yet under its development stage where various modifications and updates are to be done. Almost all of us are eagerly waiting for the product to be seen in the market so that we can own it as soon as possible. According to the launch prices of the device will be decided and put into the market. But an estimated price of the same could be around $299.

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