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Facebook for Windows Phone Updates to v5; Revamped UI & more

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Facebook for Windows Phone Updates to v5; Revamped UI & more

The Facebook app on Windows Phone, made by Microsoft themselves has got a huge update and brings a revamped UI and more features making it way more usable than the previous version was.

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This Facebook version was already out as a public beta since May and only now Microsoft has replaced it as the actual Facebook app. The blog post by Microsoft has posted the change log of the new app and it states:

a complete overhaul of the user interface, improved navigation, support for high-res pictures, post sharing, Facebook Timeline view, and more

There are also a lot of bug fixes that i personally experienced in the beta but in the updated app, everything seems stable and fluid. Although the new interface is good and more akin to Facebook UI guidelines but i personally had more of a liking for the Windows Phone UI based Facebook app.

Windows Phone

If you were using the beta version, you need not uninstall it as it will be getting regular updates of new features which aren’t that stable but eh its the beta remember. Microsoft is also working on a Windows Phone 7 version of the app and expect it to come out this summer.

If you haven’t got the update ping on your Windows Phone then you can get the new Facebook app for Windows Phone from here. Do tell us if you like the new app or prefer


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