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The world is moving very fast and this is not just a feeling that you get as you age. It is just that you need to keep more information in your mind now than before and this also means that you need to know about things that are happening in more places than before as well. This is how life has become structured where the more you seek it, the more places you seek it in as well. But the world is also unsafe and uncertain, so there is a responsibility that we share as we seek out ourselves in this vast journey called life. Introducing Family Locator by GeoZilla, an app that lets your loved ones know that you are safe and secure.

Family Locator Geozilla

FAMILY LOCATOR – What is it about?

Family Locator is a simple app in its concept. The app provides daily updates to your friends and family about your location on a day to day basis. It lets them know your whereabouts and indicates that you are safe. The Geo Locator that is used by the app lets your family get an interactive guide on your movements and will get regular updates on your activities. It is basically a GPS tracker that also lets you know when your family and friends also arrive in a certain area. This is also known as geofencing.

What the app does?

The app also lets you connect to your family members through a private chat system. This way you are always emotionally available and connected. The app also uses location updates from Facebook and Swarm to notify others on your whereabouts. It also features the Smart Location History with which you can keep track of your loved one’s movements on a daily basis. If a person goes offline, you can send a notification request that will let them know to ping you back when they do come online. You can also leave check-in messages that let your family know what you have been up to. The app also allows for you to store certain locations when they are beyond the reach of the GeoZilla servers and feed them when you are back online.

My family locator Geozilla

The app uses a very small amount of your phone battery. It is lightweight and easy to use. The app follows a Significant Location Change (SCL) mode. This is where changes in cell tower signals alert the app to a location change. Otherwise, the app is in a dormant mode to save your phone’s battery. Family Locator does not update automatically, this is done by the user using the refresh button. You can also create location based errands where you can assign specific tasks to your loved ones. This gets updated manually. Shopping and other tasks can by managed easily using the Family Locator app.

My family locator Geozilla

The app also lets you know if another member’s battery is running low. So this way any sudden changes in location is easily explained. The app gives full access to its functions when downloaded for free. However, the usability is limited to only a few number of persons. The subscribed version has more features and accommodates more persons.


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