FRODO : Intelligent Auto-Editing Starp-on Camera For Adventure Lovers

From times that we had the Kodak camera, to the digital cameras and now to the most advanced DSLRS and the video cameras, the movement has improved and developed at a greater pace. Not only have it developed in the technical terms but also in the size, zoom in spectrum, the resolution, the various other functions and the way to be operated. Obviously it does happen that it becomes difficult to move along with heavy cameras and for the same purpose, the technology have reduced the size and weight of it.

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To give a total different edge to the cameras that we have in the market, Indiegogo brings in the most intelligent and efficient camera that one could think of. The company brings something that can be carried very easily, capture very sharply and edit perfectly. It is said to be as easy as strap, shoot and share. It is a strap on design that allows you to take the camera wherever you go and and shoot everything you want.


The design of the camera is such of a watch that can be strapped around the arms or the hands and can be used whenever and wherever you go. Be it on a normal ride or some adventurous one, you need not take the tension of carrying it all the time and the burden of it as well. The Frodo’s flexible design attaches itself to the battery back pack such that you get to have those more number of hours to shoot.

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Concept Rating

The idea of changing the style of clicking pictures and carrying the camera along with you all around makes a difference and that it is acceptable. The fact that you can carry it on your long trips makes it most popular because the adventure lovers are only upset with the traditional cameras which doesn’t work for longer because of the batter problems and their portability.


Anyone and everyone who is on the go and would love to capture very moment on their movement would love this device and be happy to use it. People from all the age group, and the generations can use the device and be easily operate it the way they want.



Game Changer?

The idea of a portable camera with a long battery life in itself be the game changer. None have ever had the design like this that can be worn simply by the strap and record everything and anything on the go. The way it works and functions gives the best number of the buyers and more sales.


  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Strap on ability
  • Long battery life
  • Flip Hinges to change the angles
  • Dust/Water/Shock Proof
  • Can easily be connected to the system and shared
  • Auto edit hours of shooting
  • Easy to use

Launch Availability and Expected Price

The prices of anything that provides you with almost everything that is required can be higher compared to any of the other. But fortunately and for the betterment of the consumers sitting out there, the device is priced at a very normal range of $179. Such that people can afford it and make the best use of it.

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