This tiny Remote lets you do things with your Smartphone you never thought about

Connovate Technology Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore, India based company which has brought about a small Bluetooth remote named Gecko which lets you take control of your smartphones, yes literally and even use them at various scenarios which you might have never imagined doing with your smartphone.

Gecko lets you control your smartphone through gestures. Android 4.3 and iOS are the platforms currently supported as of now. The remote works through gestures, you can shake or tilt or turn the device to control your smartphone. It lets you trigger the camera on your smartphone without even touching your smartphone so yes taking selfies will be a lot easier. Well it works in a lot of way you wouldn’t have imagined.


You can set certain gestures in the remote to skip your music, make an emergency call. Gecko can be used as a “lost and found” device as there’s some motion detector involved which tells you when your device is moved from a place. You can use it as a security measure by fitting it with your house’ door and when someone comes in you are going to know. You can set it to tell you when its not moved as well so it works kind of both ways. It can also let you track your smartphone in case its lost. You can attach Gecko to anything and track it down if you misplace it.

Gecko also features a temperature sensor so it can also be used to monitor temperature in your room. Bahubali Shete, CEO of Connovate Technology Private Limited, said “the temperature function is ideal for parents who want to monitor the temperature of their children’s rooms.” Check out the video below introducing the device:


Connovate Technology Private Limited recently raised more than $54,000 from Indiegogo crowd-funding platform and Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder was one of the investors. The company had a goal of $50,000 and we are glad it reached that goal and we can hope to see Gecko come to consumers soon as it’s a very cool and useful device.

Gecko works with devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE support which means iPhone 4S and higher. Android 4.3 smartphones and Samsung’s Android 4.2 smartphones and higher.



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