Gi-FlyBike Is An Electric Bike That Folds Half Its Size

A bike is one of the few ways of commuting which almost everybody has used once in their lives. Since they are so popular, they also have been an area of constant innovation. From electric bikes to folding bikes, their simplicity and popularity make them a hot area for innovation. But, how much you can innovate in a product as simple as bikes? To answer that Gi bikes has come with their own innovative solution: The Gi FlyBike.



So what is Gi FlyBike? And, how it is different from other similar products out there? Simply put, Gi Flybike combines all the features which previous bikes tried to bring to you, such as electric assistance pedaling, maps, illuminated wheels etc and combines them all with their own distinct vision. So, what is their vision for the Gi FlyBike? We are going to look into it one-by-one.


Let’s s start with the design. Gi Flybike packs all its features into a beautiful piece of hardware. It is a marvel of a design. It looks modern and feels like something from the future. It was created to make urban commuting easier and fun. It is crafted from airplane grade aluminum which is strong and ultra light. It is electric, smart, and has full size 26” wheels. It has a one motion FlyFolding System, using which you can fold the bike in one second. It is designed to be portable. Once folded you can carry it around anywhere by wheeling it using its handlebars.



The bike comes in two variants. The first variant has electric assistance pedaling and weighs around 17 kg. The electric assistance uses a LiifePo4 battery which gives you a range of 40 miles (60 km) on a single charge. IT can reach a top speed of 15 mph. The other variant doesn’t have electric assist pedaling and weighs about 12 kg. Other than that both the variants have similar features. They both have GPS system for navigating, a built-in USB phone charger, LED smart lights, smart locking system, solid punctureless tires and use a belt-drive which makes them maintenance free.

gi flybike review


You can control your FlyBike using their application. The iOS version has already been released and the android version should follow soon. Apart from giving you a control over all of the bike’s aforementioned features, the app also has a share feature. If a friend wants to borrow your bike, you can easily share it using the app.

Concept Rating:


The concept is unique in its own way. Co-founders Lucas Toledo, Agustin Augustinoy, and Eric Sevillia had this idea during their stay in Argentina. A nation-wide strike had paralyzed the public transportation of the country. The strike inspired them to examine and develop an alternate method of transportation. They wanted to make a sustainable and technologically-advanced system for urban commuting. In our views, they have succeeded in doing so. It is a beautiful piece of engineering which makes urban commuting easy, smart, and Eco-friendly. It was launched as a Kick-starter campaign and has already received over 250,000 USD. The Gi FlyBIke uses the power of modern technology to bring us the future, right here.

giflybike concept rating


Gi FlyBike is going to make urban commuting easier. The electric-assist pedal will help the riders to go up-hill easily or if they are just tired. When connected with a smartphone it will give you turn by turn direction so that you are never lost and can find the best route for commuting. It also has a good range (40 miles) on a single charge. The only thing which can hold it back in its adoption in certain markets is it price. Then again, it was designed for urban commuting.

GI flybike review

Game changer?

We are not so sure that it is going to be a game changer. Sure, it has a potential to be one. But, it will take some time before it will be adopted widely. It is a cool new concept and certainly the engineering that went into designing this product is commendable. But it is going to take more than just that to make it a game changer.


gi flybike rang and specifications


  • Weight: 12/17 kg ( Depends upon the variant)
  • Top Speed: 15 mph (25 km/h).
  • Electric Flight Assistance: 40 miles (60 km) on a single LifePo4 battery charge.
  • GPS System: Turn by Turn direction. Also syncs wirelessly with your smartphone.
  • Solid, Anti-Puncture Tires: No more flats.
  • Belt Drive: Doesn’t use grease. Maintenance free.
  • Inbuilt USB Phone Charger
  • Smart Locking System: Locks the bike automatically when you are 5 meters away.
  • LED Smart Lights: Works depending upon the ambient light.
  • Sharing Program: Share your bike using the FlyBike app.

Launch and Availability & Expected Price:

giflybike launch and price


The Gi FlyBike is right now on Kickstarter project . You can support it by pledging here. The Factory sample will be produced around Jan-2016 with the mass production and delivery happening around June-2016. It starts at $1990.

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