Google Acquires Boston Robotics; Company Behind the Four-legged giant robots

Google has acquired yet another robotics company Boston Robotics which develops mobile robotics for high profile clients like Pentagon. Boston robotics is famous for its weird looking four legged walking robots like BigDog, and others like Cheetah, WildCat, Atlas.

boston dymanics robot gif

In addition to this recent deal, Google had earlier acquired Meka Robotics, Redwood Robotics and 5 others companies to add more wings to its robot menagerie.

boston dynamics aston robot

Although the deal is confirmed by Nytimes, the acquisition price has not yet come out. Also it is not yet clear how or what they are planning to do with these robots. All we know is that Google is working on a Project X for which it has acquired close to a dozen companies so far. Google is gearing up for project x.

boston dynamics dog robot gif

It is sure that some insanely great ideas are cooking inside sergey brin and larry page’s heads right now and we can expect anything soon.


Since the news has hit the web, I read a lot of very interesting comments across the web, some were very funny though.Some call Google Skynet, some are scared, and some think Google will start delivering ads at their doorsteps.

google buys boston robot reactions

google buys boston robotics comments


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