Google’s free high-speed Wi-Fi launched at Mumbai Central Station

Recently, the Indian railways’ along with Google India announced free high speed public Wi-Fi service availability at the Mumbai Central Station in India to all the passengers of Mumbai free of cost in the hope of growing the role of Wi-Fi in the market. Mumbai is the very first station in India to get free Wi-Fi facility. The Railway Minister said that the facility of free Wi-Fi will be expanded to almost 100 busiest railways by the end of year 2016 and hence making this the largest project in India.

google railtel free wifi mumbai station
The facility of free Wi-Fi is very rare all over the country. Most of the public almost pay to use the internet facility for their own personal access. With a huge population in India of about a billion, the giant techs like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have set plans to expand in the Indian market. Google concluded that the Wi-Fi access will be of high speed and totally free especially for the people who cannot afford to use such facility and for all the other people out there who wishes to surf the internet. It will also be useful for people to use this free high speed Wi-Fi to see the status of the train, rather than waiting for the train at the station for so long in the hope of the arrival soon.
In order to enjoy this facility the person has to first confirm the service on his/her smartphone or any handset. For this, he/she has to visit the Wi-Fi settings on the phone and then further has to connect with the RailWire network. Hence, they have to further navigate to the website, using their mobile browser. Once, the website is opened, users has to enter their mobile numbers in order to log in the Wi-Fi service. After clicking on the Receive SMS button, they will receive on SMS which contains four digit OTP. And then the last step includes to enter this given code into the login page of the Wi-Fi.

Google’s Free Wifi is in Collaboration with RailTel.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, hereby said that most of the people in India are yet not online and hence they hope on bringing access to all the population of the country as possible. For this project, Google teamed up with the Indian Railways along with the communications provider RailTel.
The minister of Railway along with the government said that they are trying very hard in developing the sustainable infrastructure and hence try in improving the safety as well as the security of all the passengers. The project of the facility of free Wi-Fi connection across the country was announced on September 2015 when Prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi visited the Google headquarters which is situated in the US.
The network of the Wi-Fi is built for covering a wide area and usage of high capacity unlike any other Wi-Fi hotspots. Other connections provide very bad connectivity and too in limited areas and with a poor experience by the people. But, this Wi-Fi network will be extended such that it covers the long distance stations as well as the local stations in the Mumbai central.

More Stations to Get Free Wifi

The VP and the Managing Director, Rajan Anandan, Google South East Asia and India said that they mainly focused to deliver such a network that is of very high speed and is available to all the users in almost all the developed countries.
He hereby concluded that it is a very delightful moment for India to launch such a high speed Wi-Fi service in the partnership with the Indian Railways. Hence, the next four stations that are on the way of getting this facility are Patna, Allahabad, Ranchi and Jaipur and the other more stations will be followed very soon.

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