HAME MPR-A1 Wireless 3G Router: Your all in one choice!

Hame MPR-A1 Wireless 3G Roter is a battery pack cum 3G/WiFi router all in one. It is not your usual router as you might think and this is the reason why we have brought this article for you. It is surely feature packed like a Tank. You can use this Hame router to charge your smartphones as it has a standard USB out port; it packs 1800mAh of juice, 30% more than the iPhone 4S’ battery capacity. You can insert a 3G wireless broadband dongle into the USB port and it will share the single 3G internet connection to multiple devices (“3G router”). You can connect the device to another wireless network and re-broadcast its signal to increase the coverage of the “main” wireless router to “dead spots”. You can connect it to a broadband modem to add wireless capability to that modem. Well i guess this must be enough to grab your attention, Hame MPR-A1 Wireless 3G Router is surely an all in one device.


If these features are not yet enough to impress you then let me tell you some more albeit from the more technical side of things such as automatic recognition of ADSL / DHCP, and WAN / LAN without the preset profiles. Hame is compliant with IEEE802.11 b / g / n and the speed of data transfer speeds up to 150 Mbps, also compatible with HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA +, CDMA EVDO Rev A / B USB-modems.


Another good thing about the Hame all in one router is that you don’t have to setup anything as it starts working great out of the box. The access Point Name (APN), Dial-Up 3G/4G are installed automatically. In case, you find the default language to be Chinese, it is easily possible to switch it to English. Choose your language: and enter the password hame.


You get different modes to operate the device:

  • 3G router/3G hotspot
  • ADSL router
  • dynamic IP router
  • static IP router
  • universal (WiFi) repeater
  • iPhone sharing hotspot (connect to iPhone through USB to share iPhone’s 3G connection)


Whats truly interesting about the device is that you can use it universely with any kind of power supplies, You also get autonomous operation (using the internal battery). It has uilt-in 1800mAh lithium-polymer battery, which is rated up to 4 hours of use but 3hours is the maximum you can take out of it. It also serves great multipurpose as it acts as a charger: charging mobile phone, etc. via USB. The internal batteries surely can serve a great purpose as you can use the Hame router outside the home in the woods, fishing
as well as on the road (by car or train, placed in the window).


The WiFi supports upto 20 users at a time which should surely be enough but for offices you might need more. There are three positions in the first position toggle switch “c” – charges the smartphone or tablet to usb cable and the second “R” – turns and starts handing out WiFi 3G. The password is written below device.


You can also charge your Hame router from USB. There is also a key T – when you charge the battery shows (4 LEDs). As with most routers, the Hole is meant to reset the device. The device comes with a web-based configuration interface too for your need but its in Chinese by default but you can obviously change your language with the method we aforementioned.


If you are truly looking for a great all in one router which fulfills all your needs then Hame MPR-A1 Wireless 3G Router is the way to go. The Hame MPR-A1 Wireless 3G Router basically works as a portable battery + wifi hotspot+ wifi multiplier and more as an ADSL router WiFi-enabler, a dynamic/static IP router, iPhone hotspot sharer, etc.. You can get the device on Ebay so you better check out.


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